Nissan VPP for JULY


Does anyone know what the Nissan VPP is on the Rouge and Murano for this month?

Thank you

Per various brokers on here it appears that VPP was discontinued at the end of June, unless I missed something.

Does anyone know how the titan leases are right now? They were aggressive at the not so far past.

Haven’t seen any Titan leases here… they are probably not aggressive by LH standards

In that case Nissan did OP a favor. Get something else other than a Rogue.

Copy that sir, thank you Max. I believe 2 months ago they were fairly cheap. Similar to Tundra deals last month. If anything comes up please let me know if you work with Nissans.

If you find a deal, let the forum know.

I’m sure quite a few people would like non-Tundra and/or non-US Bank options for cheap truck leases.

Titan on edmunds shows decent residual and good rate, but only $350 in rebates.

From what I had read on here, Infiniti discontinued VPP.
When I checked the Nissan/Infiniti website, it states only that the business associate VPP is discontinued for Infiniti. Nissan is still going with VPP but does not state how much per vehicle.
Here is the link to the website

Roger that will do