Nissan, Volvo and Acura Lease Returns in NJ

Hi all. If you are in NJ and are returning either a Nissan, Volvo or Acura lease, my dealers want your lease returns. Any model, any condition, doesn’t matter.

Please PM me and I am happy to set up a way for you to return your lease very quickly and painlessly.

Edit: this doesn’t mean that my dealers are going to take you out of your leases early. That’s not what this thread says - please do not interpret it this way. Your payments are your responsibility.


Every dealership


you’d be surprised how many clients have tried to organize their own lease returns and local stores would not take it. they must not like money.

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Is this signaling another possible uptick in what we can get for selling off our leases?

yes 20202020.


Hmm looking to return a Nissan lease and get into an Acura. Any lease magic for this scenario?

That’s not what this thread is for.


Try to sell Your Nissan. get a free quote from Vroom, Carvana or ALgo and see where You are with the equity.

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You want my Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland? I can tape a Volvo logo on the front grill.


Except for FCA dealerships…haha

Though I was expecting some $$$ from Poster like the Audi guy did a year ago.

I would gladly take any lease return for any of the brands I deal with

except bmw b/c those are legit worthless.


i have a 2018 v90cc coming off of lease and don’t want to hear about any wear and tear issues, is this of interest to you? I am in NY. Can you help me with a replacement car BY THE WAY? Thanks so much

No and yes, in order of your questions.


This sounds promising :laughing: