Nissan total loss immediate purchase to capture equity

A friend just totaled a Nissan leased via NMAC. I have seen posts where folks have purchased the lease so that the insurance check gets cut to them. Anyone have experience with NMAC?

Have you? Or have you seen people recommend this hairbrained scheme to others without having any skin in the game?

Or have you seen other people come up with this hairbrained scheme only to be talked back into their senses by LH?


Why would it not work? Aside from your pompous standard reply, provide some logic. At the very least there is no risk in doing so.

At time of loss Nissan is the owner of the vehicle, unless of course you lie about occurrence of your incidence which is a crime…


No need to lie. Payoff the nissan. Get title in a few weeks. By the time the carrier needs to make payment, they would have to make it to you.

Haven’t seen anyone try to pull that off.
Its widely suggested on here to purchase in the case this type of loss happens, but that’s about it.

Adding a data point - in the event of my total loss, Honda ended the lease effective the date of the incident. That’s how the payout was also calculated.


Even if this worked, what if the insurance company gave you less than what you bought it for

Let the car go
Get something else this is not worth the hassle/risk plus you are not getting the overage if any

You rented the car from Nissan, not bought it. It is their property not yours

This has been discussed many times


The car is worth 8k more than the payoff. A lessee has the option to buy the car. It is what she intended to do at the end of the lease. No reason she should lose the equity.

What does her contract say happens in the event of total loss?


Folowing posts ive read, this has worked for one Person in the last year. 6 people have attempted this and gone dark, 1 person said he failed


How can this car be worth 8k over the current payoff? Post some details.
Pay the deductible and kiss that car good-buy.


Every single “what if…” you can think of has been answered already.

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Assuming your friend followed the mandated policy, NMAC is the listed lienholder and was the lienholder at the time of loss. Thus they’ll make payment to the lienholder listed. If you tell them you’ve since purchased the car, more than likely they’re going to tell you to take it up with the captive to have them forward payment or provide proof of ownership of vehicle at time of loss.

But again, you’d have to verify with the insurance company and captive.

Gonna do it. Will advise in a few weeks when it goes through. Zero risk. Enough with your nonsense with no factual basis as usual.

Its an altima sv premium with a 17k payoff with 20k miles. Go see what they are selling for…

Infiniti finance which is probably same as nmac set the lease termination the day insurance reported as a total loss. I bet your insurance already informed them about it.

IFS refunded me the payment from the day lease termination was effective.

And no. They don’t share equity with you. Your friend might get some money - in the form of taxes because the insurance makes you “whole”.


I’m curious to hear how it works out for your friend.


If the $8k of equity is predicated on them listed for $25k at retail then the price she can sell it for is probably closer to $21k, but until you actually check with each 3rd party, that’s just a guess.

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