Nissan Rogue S AWD in MIchigan

Dear Hacker

Does below lease looks good to you? This is my first lease.

Original MSRP: $26,335
Vehicle Price: $22,128.86
Down Payment: 1,499
Rebate: 1,200
Money Factor: .00003
Residual 65.000% $17,117.75
Total due at signing: $1,677
$131 per month.
24 month 12,000 miles per year.

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Hackers, your help is really appreciated here,

This seems like a good deal comparing it to a SoCal deal $212/mo by @Ed_Churchward

If you take the downpayment and roll it into the lease, you are at $193/mo (not sure if the $131 includes tax or not)

Ask them to make it $0 down and bump up your payment

Yes, but @Ed_Churchward leased SV trim which is much more expensive in Michigan.

Lease the Rogue with only 10k miles and then do a one pay lease on the Equinox. You could have 2 SUVs to drive for almost the price of one :slight_smile:

I think to get the 3k conquest bonus, your lease should expire in 365 days.

Is 24 mo the best deal? Most leases 36 is more favorable.

This has been disputed.

In any case, Vhooloo is being facetious.

Tried to get a deal similar to this, but the sales manager was incompetent.

Rogue S FWD
MSRP: $24,760
Selling Price: $19,010
Rebate: $800
Down Payment: $0
Doc Fee: $799 (WAY too high)
Tag Fee: $184.50
Money Factor: 0.00003
Residual: 62%, $15,351 for 24/15k miles

My Excel sheet showed $207.64 with 9.75% tax; $189.19 w/out tax.

Sales manager came back at $270 and told me my Excel sheet was wrong… Without even looking at it.

Are you in NY tristate

No. Nashville, Tennessee.

the only state, relatively close to yours that has a cap on Doc fees is Louisiana.

what place in Michigan you got this deal ?. May I get the dealer details. I am looking for good deals for rogue in MI.