Nissan Rogue/Murano/Pathfinder deal

Looks like every dealer is offering 3500 off msrp (could be more) + 1250-2500 rebate + 500-100 bonus cash on these 3 models.

Anyone getting way better deal on these? Going to talk to all these dealer tomorrow

Your input is really appreciated

I recently got a 17’ Pathfinder SL with premium package, MSRP $42300, for $417 a month only first payment and plates at signing. Pittsburgh area. 36mo/12k lease.

@dee check out the Pathfinder deal in your hood

@max_g going to test drive that and MDX today! Thanks
Was thinking about going to tha Audi dealer too, but why torture myself!

what’s your payment break down?

Dealer discount


CMoney Factor 0.00076
MSRP incl. Destination $42,295.00
Residual Percentage 59%
Residual Value $24,954.05
Selling Price (Gross Cap Cost) $39,100.00
Less: Cap Cost Reduction ($2,472.75)
Lease Acq Fee $595
Net Capitalized Cost $37,222.25
Depreciation $340.78
Rent $47.23
Lease Payment per Month $388.04
With Tax 9% $422.95

It’s actually $417 but they tried to pull a fast one on me and up the money factor from .00068 to .00076. I called them out on it after the fact and they cut me a check for the different, $195.

How much was due at signing?

$640, first payment and plates. All the rebates and what not were just in cap cost reduction. I qualify for vpp as well.