Nissan Quotes need a hackers point of view

2017 Nissan Pathfinder S
Exterior Color: Gun Metallic
Interior Color: Charcoal

MSRP: $31,495
Selling Price: $28,880
Money Factor: 0.000990
Residual Value: 60%
Rebates: $700
Inception Fees: $783

Payment with Tax (8%): $371.64
Payment W/O Tax: $344.11

2017 Nissan Murano S
Exterior Color: Gun Metallic
Interior Color: Graphite

MSRP: $31,500
Selling Price: $29,134
Money Factor: 0.0000.30
Residual Value: 54%
Rebates: $100
Inception Fees: $822.17
Payment with Tax (8%): $404.77
Payment W/O Tax: $374.79

Those are terrible deals. You could get so much more vehicle for $400/month, especially since you are in Southern California.

If you are set on a Nissan Murano, I can tell you that I leased a $38500 MSRP 2016 Murano SL for $385/month including tax with just first month out of pocket. This was in central Florida back in August. Incentives were better back then but not great. Another person posted a similar deal for a Murano SL recently.

If you like the Pathfinder, then I’d look at the Infiniti QX60. They lease a lot better than the Pathfinder and you could probly get it for the same price.

I’d search this site to see the kinds of deals people are getting in Southern California and try to replicate one.

Skimming over your deal it looks like it’s super average. Any person can pick up a circular and get a better deal than this.

If you’re in SoCal that’s the car capital of the world as far as I’m concerned. You can do a lot better. Start by compiling a list of dealers and then negotiate the lowest price you find on averages below that.

The discount off msrp is too low. Start negotiations by trying to get 15% off. People are reporting 10 to 15 discount with mercedes lexus etc

Highly recommend going with a 16 Murano instead of 17, great lease cash available. Resid not great but you can negotiate up to 6k off MSRP at this time. Check out my deal in a few posts above.

I found an Autobroker and pulled the trigger on this, Pathfinder is going to be delivered later today no Dealership trip needed.

Nissan lease prices does not include any of the 3-5K off incentives mentioned on Truecar, which are based on a purchase only (BS? probably) at the end of the day I’m happy. In speaking with a Dealer, they currently have a $2500 hold-back, if you can convince them to cough it up.

Could Have I gotten a different 3 row for a lower price? yes but I did not like the Explorer(high priced) or the Edge (2 row with the price of a 3 row? WTF).

The Murano is nice but could not find any 2016’s locally, not a deal breaker.

2017 Nissan Pathfinder S
Exterior Color: Gun Metallic
Interior Color: Charcoal

MSRP: $31,495
Selling Price: $28,880Money
Factor: 0.000990Residual
Value: 60%
Rebates: $700Inception
Drive Off: $800

Payment with Tax (8%): $344.11

Next time, remember the “rule of 1%”: the lease payment should be < 1% of MSRP. Enjoy the new vehicle!

It’s fairly common to see incentives that are for purchase only and cannot be applied to leases.

SUV2 enjoy the new ride, congrats!

Did you look at Highlander XLE?

Not really, also I didn’t plan on putting down an MSD’s.

So were you set on Nissan or looking for the best 3 row SUV for the payment? In my opinion, that would have been the Highlander XLE, with people reporting deals under 300. True, MSDs are required but that’s the name of the game with LeaseHackr.

However, you are absolutely right - buy the car that fits your needs and enjoy :slight_smile:

At first I was set on the QX60, after finding great deals from December of 2015 on this forum, I could not replicate the same deals for this year. I asked about MSD’s and using credit card as a way to float an MSD while I lease, however many seasoned Leasehackers where quick to negate this action (with good reason).

I looked for awesome Equinox deals in the southern California region, the best deal was at 248/month. The local dealers did not want to play ball in replicating the great deals that have been seen so far. I didn’t try enough dealers throughout the entire Southwest region, after visiting a dealer and trying to fit 2 car seats with mom in the back, I quickly decided this wouldn’t work even for a 24 month lease.

While browsing, an Ad popped up with the New 2017 Pathfinder, I took a test drive and immediately enjoyed every aspect. To be certain I took a look at the Ford Explorer, Edge and Escape then a Dodge Durango.

The Durango could have worked but I did not like the standard features in the lower trim model.

I went back to the Pathfinder knowing that it is mostly the same platform as the QX60. I find the Pathfinder has had all the accomindations of a Honda Pilot with out the high price tag.

I’ll be back in 35 months and hopefully Infiniti/Nissan have a Lease conquest :slight_smile: