Nissan Lease Transfer Being Liable Issue


Hello, was wondering has anyone done it and it came back to bite you?

I was thinking may be that person can show me their CC score? Would that something work.

I just need to make sure not fake… etc…



Why would anyone show you their credit score???

And people on here are probably the people least likely to commit this mistake



people on this site have done it and the new person stopped making payments and they’re held liable.

You dont want to be liable for a person you dont know behind the wheel of a car that can cause a lot of damage/kill someone.



Showing you my credit score means nothing if I’m only making 30k/yr and lose my job tomorrow.

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I was thinking of getting out of my Nissan lease when I had one. Exactly the reasons other LH members gave, I did not transfer it. Make you you know the person personally if do have to get out



This may be a stupid question and I think we talked about this briefly in my other post but something about this fear of transferring leases and getting screwed seems odd to me.

Finance company wouldn’t let the car be transferred to someone with a bad or low credit score right? So the only way you can get screwed is if someone decides 1. they want to mess up their credit score or 2. They cant afford the car anymore.

In either scenario, can’t I simply call the finance company and say “I’m willing to make the past due payments + take my car back so it won’t hurt my credit score”??

I want to understand if there a way to do this without risking your credit score even if it means paying for someone else’s mistakes and re-assuming possession of the car.



So many assumptions here. But for starters, why would anyone with newly trashed credit and/or major income issues give up a free car they’re using without making payments? In the meantime they’ve probably dropped insurance too, so better hope they don’t get into any accidents.

The captive might repo the car after X months of this, but I doubt they will give it back to you. They will auction it and stick you with neg eq plus any fees. You’re stuck making someone else’s payments to avoid a repo or paying the hefty bill that comes after a repo.

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And good luck trying to get those negative 30/60/90 day lates or a repo off your report when the other person skipped payments.

“But, but but…I transferred the car…” isn’t going to fly.



The captive also has less incentive to vet the new lessee and they are getting paid one way or another.

There was a post on here about an Infiniti transfer last year where unfortunately the new lessee passed away and the original person was notified about 30 days after the first miss payment and essentially had to track down the car, explain to the family what happened to get it, and was responsible for all the missed and future payments.

Nissan was not helpful and just wanted their money. Luckily the guy took pretty good care of the car or he could have been liable for any damage too.



Yeah…Ill echo the above. I’m a newbie here on LH, but have done more than a dozen lease swaps. One of them was for a VW but due to VW’s policy of retaining the original leasee on the contract, it made things a bit difficult. But, the original leasee was amenable to the transfer (he didn’t know about the policy when listing the car) if I made all of the remaining lease payments up front directly to VW at time of transfer. I was happy to do this for the deal and it was great on my end, but the original leasee would have still been liable if I was a dud during the lease or at turn in (and beat the car up, etc).

I think the short story is such transfers are not advisable for the original leasee (I would never do it), but fine for the new leasee swapping into it.