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Please text or call Sam 818-263-0533
Please contact us when you are ready to go! We want to give everyone the best service possible. So get in touch with us when you are ready and you will not be disappointed! Check our review page!
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Please text or call Sam 818-263-0533

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Altima SL 36/10k lease? Iā€™m in the bay area

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Send you a message on here

How much is the loyalty discount? Will I get it if I had a lease that ended 3 years ago?

What are the lease deals for a sentra?

Yes, please text or call us 818-263-0533.

Can you do the Frontier deal?

Yes posted above!! Please text or call 818-263-0533

Couple Frontiers we delivered in the past few days!

Altima SL 24/10k lease? Iā€™m in bay area.

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Pickup in SoCal only! Please text or call 818-263-0533

What do the one pay deals look like for CA on the Frontier Pro-x 4x4 or 4x2? (premium package)

No 4x4 in stock but have 4x2. Please text us 818-263-0533

Hi Sam, can you share the deals available on 2023 Pathfinder (flexible with the trims) with monthly payments, drive off amount with 36 months lease options. I am based out of Nor cal (Dublin, CA)

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Please text us 818-263-0533

Do you have any Rogue in inventory?

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yes please text us 818-263-0533

Just sent it thanks

I am interested in the Murano SV lease but why is the drive off so high? I have seen much lower. Iā€™m based in norcal 94401

Most of the brokers around here just use $3k as a baseline. Depending on your credit, you have the option for less DAS if you prefer, with a corresponding increase in the monthly.