Nissan Leaf SV - $155 a month, Zero drive off, 24/10

Found two dealers willing to do $170 with TTL included a month with zero drive off for a 2020 Nissan Leaf SV standard range. Based on my research for being in the middle of the country this seems to be a pretty good deal. Only two incentives is the $10,375 lease cash and dealer discount of $3,310.

Anyone think I can do better or advice on doing better. I started this all at $210 and $220 a month. Its odd that two dealerships got to $170 and $175 a month.

2020, Nissan, Leaf, SV
MSRP: $ $35,510
Selling Price: $32,200
Monthly Payment: $ $170
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10
Region:Midwest (MO)
Leasehackr Score: 18.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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Title shows $155/mo, body of post shows $170/mo. I’m assuming pre vs post sales tax?

Either way, great deal, especially on an SV. I’d move on it as I think 2020 inventory is starting to dwindle with the aggressive deals in the market at the moment.

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Sorry it’s $155 before taxes, $170 with takes included

Nice deal. I love seeing these sub $200 EVs, especially in areas where there are no state/utility rebates.

In the current market, the only real deals (so to speak out) there seem to be on cars such as this (i3, etc).

Seems like i3 prices had gone up looking at deals from this forum, so this Leaf does looked like a nice deal. Even better it’s a 2 year lease. Not sure if Nissan still has VPP, if you work for one of the companies it used to be another $1000 off.

Great deal. The Nissan Leaf deals have been very good on the forum recently.

Just curious, why did you go with the SV intead of a “Plus” model with better range? I know it is a bit of a trade-off (better features or better range), but was there any difference in leasing factors/incentives that made you choose the SV?

Mainly because of cost to feature ratio. Plus it’s more of toy to have since I missing owning a PHEV/EV.

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