Nissan Leaf Quote

I got a quote on a Nissan Leaf that is $276 for 24 months (or $288 for 36 months). It originally said $3500 down but it wasn’t factoring in my trade in (which I should have about $500 equity) or a $1000 college rebate. So I think I can get it for around $2000 down. Here are the details of the lease:

Selling Price- $32,795

Total Rebates offered- $14,700

Residual- $11,470.25

Money Factor- .00258 (based on Tier 1 credit)

Trade Equity- Yes, if available can be applied toward money down

College Grade discount- Yes it is avail @ $1000 ( need transcript or Diploma)

It’s a bit higher than I’d like to pay, but I just wanted to get an idea if this is a good deal. A few people on another topic suggested looking into the Clarity or others to get closer to my budget.

You already posted this in your other thread. Do not open new threads for the same vehicle.