Nissan Leaf Plus 62kw now available


Interested to see how the residual will compare to the 40kw Leaf. No leasing numbers have been released, just the starting price of $36,550 for the S, topping off at $42,550 for the SL.

With all the rebates available and a potentially higher residual, will the Plus actually be hackable??

2019 Nissan Leaf Plus Lease pricing

Damn you’re up early browsing for the Leaf+ - looks like residuals and lease scores won’t matter to you :slight_smile:

On a serious note I doubt this car will be hackable before a while.

edit: Looks like they started hitting the lots. just asked our friends at Edmunds for the numbers. Hope it wont be brutal.

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Is the regular hackable? I have only seen sucky deals around Ca so the chances that the + will be any better are remote at best. On the other hand, maybe with its intro, the regular will come down to earth.


Hackable meaning 1% rule here in AZ. I know in CA it’s prob more .5% to be considered hacked on an EV. I do think the 40kw will not move at all now unless Nissan sacks up and discounts the hell out of them.

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One can hope. Personally, i have no idea how they will sell them at a price higher than a model 3.


Got this from Edmunds:

“If there are different numbers for the Plus, we don’t have them”

Looking at some of the previous Feb answers here was an indication on 36/12 for the regular model…
.00258 MF and 40% residual
$8250 lease cash

Its not going to look pretty on the Plus…local dealer has a couple for 44k + MSRP with a 3k discount…


@amatot I’m an early riser :slight_smile:

I would THINK the residuals will be closer to 50% for the Plus but who knows. Nissan is crazy to price this above the Model 3.


Let’s wait and see. If this price is indeed too high we may see some good deals sooner than later.


Well they have the advantage of the full tax rebate for another year or two while Tesla is will be done with tax rebate by year end. Also, to get the features of the Leaf you would need to spend more than 35k on Model 3

All that said, if I was looking for an EV and Model 3 was anywhere close to price of Leaf I would by the Tesla.


You’re not alone…check the sales numbers here:

The thing is i don’t care about driving the latest tech or about range and would settle for a Leaf but not at the ridiculous lease prices Nissan demands. Maybe it’s not too late and when March will be done and they only sold 200 nationwide maybe then they will wake up.

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Tesla has a cost advantage over everyone else, it’s going to be difficult for another car maker to beat them in price without taking a bath.

Don’t worry, the cheap bolt leases are coming, watch for posts the next two weeks


I am! Don’t like the car but will drive it to work for under $10k in payments before rebates.


Interesting report. Thanks for sharing.
Gotta love the 330e numbers - I wonder how many of the 2019 sales were directly correlated to this forum :rofl:


Same for the 530e…it’s puzzling how many don’t know the phev is much cheaper than the regular due to all the credits and rebates.


The traditional car manufacture do have the money to back up with low leases to flood the market and push their losses out to their subs. Also the ZEV credits will be worth something. I really think the $0 DAS <$250 cars will come back soon enough. I feel horrible to have a <$330 Volt :frowning:


I got a reply back today from the sales guy who has leased me a Leaf previously on the S Plus. This thing is gonna lease like dog poo. @amatot

Tier 1 MF: .00278
Residual: 37%


Holy :avocado: S&$# - this is bad.

Edit: did you tell him how horrible these #'s looked? what were his thoughts?


Yes, he confirmed they lease like crap right now and said Nissan is pushing customers to purchase at the .9% for 60 months or 1.9% for 72.


As much as love EVs. Still prefer to lease them.
Just look at my 2015, I3 Rex lease. 55k when I leased it. returned it after 30 months with 16k miles on it. was offered for 20k as a CPO by the dealer.


100% agree. Returned my 2015 Leaf where the residual was $11k and it was worth $8k.