Nissan Leaf 2017 Lease wanted

Looking to lease a Nissan Leaf Base model with quick charge. 15k miles/year. 3 year. Can do upto 3k down payment. Is there anyone out there offering a good deal in the Bay Area, CA?

Not sure if this helps, but I looked hard for a cheap lease a few weeks ago and ended up buying a new one. Ended up being cheaper with the local utility 10k rebate and the 7.5k fed tax credit. My net purchase cost for my S with QC was around 12,500 + tax. You probably get even better buy rebates being in CA than what I got in GA.

We dont get 10k rebate in CA. Its only 2.5k so it ends up being around 19k with resale value of 7-8k after 3-4 years. I would buy it in a hearbeat if I got it for what you got it at. Appreciate your input though.

Are you sure?

Shows still valid until 9/30.

EDIT: Nevermind. I see this one is just for employees. I could have sworn they were offering it for customers also, but maybe that was just Southern California…

I have a 3 year lease (about 2 years left) I am trying to get rid of since I now have to commute to SF. It’s 160 a month! I put down 2.5k but I don’t need that back. Let me know if you are interested

Hey Elitenn, interested in your leased Bolt - PMed you

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