Nissan frontier deal

Found a dealer that would do MSRP, no add ons and buy rate, but they’re saying the RV IS 94% and I confirmed it’s 98% with Edmunds. Brought it to their attention and they were adamant about it being 94% (which is for the king cab) should I ask to speak with finance manager or just move on? Wouldn’t NMAC reject the lease agreement if the RV is incorrect anyways? And the truck I’m looking at is a crew cab S 4x4 confirmed it with the window sticker and pictures.

Could it be that they’re quoting you non-NMAC rates?

Or the dealer mixed up the VIN and the truck is actually a King Cab, despite what it says on their website?


Call Nissan Incentives line, and then add the sales manager on a 3 way call.

They will explain it directly. They have a wierd formula for holdback and stuff to get to 98 percent and they have to configure it a certain way in their dealer connect system.

800-777-7018 (press 2 saying your a dealer)


Tried calling Nissan they’re closed for the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion

I think it is NMAC I saw money factor they use is 0.00227 which is correct. They could’ve used the wrong RV for king cab vs the crew cab but I’ve already mentioned it a few times only to get shut down. Could be an honest mistake on their part but who knows? I thought the bank would reject the lease if wrong RV is used.

Are you sure they quoted 18/10 and not 18/15?

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That’s probably it. Dealer can’t mess with the RV as that is set by the bank

2022 Frontier S Crew Cab

18 month lease with 10k miles a year = 98% RV

Is it really a 4pt RV drop from 10k miles to 15k miles a year?

I don’t remember. I don’t have the February lease guide.

You guys were right their finance guy used kings cab RV. They corrected it. Thank you all


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