Nissan End Of Lease Liability Statement


Hi, I have a question if anyone can answer. So last month I turned my lease in 3 months early. The name was under my wife’s name so since I was leasing a new vehicle (pathfinder) I put it into my name. I made certain that since it is 3 months away they would buy out my lease in which the salesman said they would. Not a month later I get a Nissan end of lease statement saying I owe 1k. When I called the number on the statement they told me since I changed owners they were unable to waive those three months. I asked to speak to a manager but the 3 times I have called it keeps going straight to voicemail. Has this happened to anyone? Any advise?


This is a problem, and your dealership is at fault for not telling you to put the lease in both names. Ultimately, financial should give you the benefit of the doubt and take 2 of the 3. I’m not sure what you negotiated on the 3rd with your dealership.


Hey, yeah I finally got through to a manager and they were reasonably. They said they would waive all the fees.