Nissan delivery time after showing in transit

I placed a deposit on a leaf that was showing in transit 3 weeks ago (this coming monday). that friday it dissapeared from the in transit list and is still pending. Ive been monitoring other cars and seems they show in transit on nissans site for a few days and dissappear. From what i understand these are built in Smyrna TN so i cant imagine it taking that long to arrive to NJ? what has your guys experience been? Does it dissappear from in transit list once its marked sold?

Shouldn’t it disappear from the “in transit” list when it’s been delivered?

Thats what i thought too. But ive been monitoring them for last 3 weeks and on the nissan usa website they all show in transit for a few days to 1 week and dissappear. So now i suspect it dissappears either when its sold or maybe when it physically leave the factory? Anyone working at nissan or one of brokers that might know?

@max_g is saying that they disappear from the “in-transit” list because they’ve been delivered and aren’t in-transit anymore.

Any ideas why the car i put deposit on isnt showing in transit anymore for 2 weeks now but dealer is saying hasnt come in yet?

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