Nissan ARIYA Discussion Thread

Does anyone know what the piece of plastic circled in white does, or is for?


wire holder…and pretty useless, you were expected to coil your excess line around it and use the ‘edges’ to keep it tight. Except most people move their phones around and would need to remove it. Add that this is not visible 99% of the times, it’s just a funny knob on my car.

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Got a question about Nissan Loyalty Cash. I have. 2014 Altima. Is that sufficient to qualify for loyalty? If so, what does the dealer require to apply the 1k loyalty cash.

Thank you

I believe so , and a copy of your registration.

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I offered to have her windows tinted but she declined :grin:

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I’m more surprised she didn’t notice the Digital Mirror and 360 camera (That she doesn’t have) and steal one of the others

She is not very tech savy and actually prefers her trim over ours.

Initially, she needed some convincing to try an EV but loves it now (especially at the price) - the same is true for me and my wife.


New charging experience.
Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger :magic_wand::zap::battery:

10% to 80% charge = 37 minutes
Cost = $19.95
Location: NJ

Easy-to-use, fast charging speed and great overall first experience. The only negative is the cable is short and requires parking at an angle to reach the Ariya charging port. It wasn’t a problem today since it wasn’t busy, but could be problematic if cars were parked on either side. I did my best to fit within the designated spot :grin:

It’s a new NJ Tesla charging location (Holiday Inn parking lot) that is equipped with 16 Tesla Magic Dock Superchargers.

I guess I was meant to have an EV since I have an EVgo and these Tesla Superchargers less than 2 miles from home.


How do you find these ones? Does Tesla app let you select these?

Yes, the Tesla App will identify applicable chargers based on your profile as a Non Tesla EV owner. There are only two with this capability in all of NJ.

Just checked. There are non in San Diego, and quite a lot in LA.

There are zero in LA, those are all L2 chargers (aka Destination Chargers)
Only SF has some

And Nissan isn’t official on the list yet so normal NACS will not accept them yet.

@.35/kwh, it’s indeed cheaper than my regular EA which usually around .48/kwh.

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Good to know, this is the first time I paid for charging and don’t have much knowledge of current rates. I will continue using EVgo since it’s free for the first year but wanted to give this a try as a future option.

Damn, that supercharging is cheap. My level 2 charging at home is $0.30/kWh. Where is located?

has anyone found one for 350 a month in SoCal? Can’t seem to get anywhere close to that with any I’ve talked to

Whattt…extra miles for my lease is .25/mile…lol

Are you sure? If you have a Nissan Signature Flex lease, your miles purchased before lease end are 0.10c/ea (you buy them as you go, or at least 30 days before end of lease), but if you just return the car with extra miles then you pay 0.25c/ea as part of your return fees.


Located in NJ

Check out the link below for more information regarding the SignatureFLEX lease details.

Very nice option :ok_hand:

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