Nissan Altima SR vs Mazda 6 Sport


1st time poster…
Leasing for my 17 year old da in S. FL
Nissan SR 2019, Not premium, Leather and Car Play inc.
1300- down, 249 plus 7% tax 12/3600 Total= $10,625 .
or purchase 22k

Mazda 6 Sport added leather $299. taxes in. 299 mo. 12/3600
Total= $10,764

Jeep Cherokee Limited 289 mo. taxes in. 12/3600
Total =$10404.

Any suggestions welcome. Her requirements… peppy, white with leather and bluetooth. Excellent driver btw.



Mazda adds leather to the Sport trim? Didn’t think they did that…

Anyways, I would cross Cherokee off the list if she’s looking for peppy. The only real “pep” on this list is the Mazda 6 and it’s only 140 dollars more to own over the Nissan.

The Nissan blows for driving dynamics and performance.



Personally I’d look at the Mazda3/Civic/Elantra/Forte size of cars…for example the Forte has cooled/ventilated seats on certain trims which should be pretty useful in SFL

Also, since you are 4-5+ years away from their financial independence, I’d look to buy a late model car with the new safety features instead of spending 18-20K on two leases

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They will send out to add leather. I didn/t get the purchase price on the Mazda.



I probable should have added she is 6ft.



That means 2 things, neither of which is good for you:

You are paying 100% of it out pocket. Anything within the factory-built MSRP counts towards your RV, and in a lease you’re only paying 1-RV plus interest. Any add-ons are paid 100%, plus interest.

When they ‘send out’ for anything, it is to the cheapest vendor to maximize their profit. You’re not going to get good materials or good workmanship.



Going above the class I mentioned generally gets you more backseat legroom and fractionally more width. So unless you need those two things, they are fine for 6’ drivers.

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I wouldn’t “send out” for added leather. It won’t be good leather. It won’t feel good. Especially not for 299.



I’m 6’3" and I fit just fine in an Elantra and also a Civic. The only car that was limiting to me headroom wise was Camry somehow. She’s 17 and likely not paying for the payments, so she can live without leather (I wouldn’t want it in South Florida anyway. It was bad enough in Orlando for a few months).

I’d look into the Buick Encore, GMC Terrain, and Chevy Equinox. Insurance is pretty reasonable on all of them and they all have CarPlay and come in white (Bluetooth too because all new cars have that AFAIK)



I prefer the Mazda. Looks better, and the CVT transmission drives me nuts in the Nissan.



All of your suggestions were complete opposites of what he’s looking for, haha.



I think the Equinox and Terrain have plenty of pep for a 17 year old. So does an Encore. I’m only 22 but I don’t understand parents getting their kids whatever they want when they aren’t paying for it (but that’s me)



This is nothing like that 23 y/o on here who leased an S5 SB with help from their parents, though.

Altima/Mazda6 are pretty modest cars, especially to lease. Hell, the Mazda6 has cloth seats from factory.

I actually respect what’s happening on here.

I would totally disagree with you on the pep thing for the Terrain and Equinox. I’ve driven both in 4-cylinder guise. Neither have any kind of “pep.”

I also like to drive and drive in a spirited fashion.

My vote, OP? Mazda6 Sport. It’s the right vehicle for just starting out. Reliable, good driving dynamics, longer wheelbase to support taller folks, plenty of comfort. you need way more discount, though.

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I would never let my 17 y/o daughter have the car with more pep. Not with today’s machines. I’d go for accident avoidance AND protection against idiots, ie heft.

If SUV is unacceptable for her, maybe hack a 320i and then JB+ it if it’s too slow after a while driving it



The mazda6 has 186 hp engine. “Pep” is a relative term here.

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I’m in SoCal and I was able to pick up a Mazda6 in Touring trim for $295/mo, including 9.5% tax, with $0 DAS. It has fake leather, you have to get at least Grand Touring to get leather included.

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The Mazda 6 is no sports car either, even with the 2.5T. A base Altima with the 2.5 is quicker than the Mazda 6 2.5. I seen a guy do tests on the new 2.5T, and he could barely achieve 6.8s. The only time you will notice the CVT is when you are flooring it. Seats are also better in the Nissan. At these price points, I would look into a base Volvo S60.



No one is arguing these cars are sport cars.



The new Mazda 3 is a sharp looking car and not the same ol’ same ol’ of the 6 and Altima



Cause everyone does 0-60 off the line at every red light.