Nissan '17 SR Turbo Midnight CVT, $224.99?

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: [2017 Nissan SR Turbo Midnight CVT]

MSRP: [$23,545]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [12,000]

MF: ?
Residual: [56%]

Security Deposit: [$0]
Total Due At Signing: [$224.99]
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): [$224.99]

Zip Code: [91401]
Sales Tax Rate: [9%]

I’m assuming they’re giving me about $800 in Rebates to get to the numbers in this offer.

This is my first attempt at this. :innocent: What does everyone think?

Sounds decent, but without knowing the sales price and any available incentives, it’s hard to tell if it can be even better.

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They wouldn’t share further details over e-mail, unfortunately. :sweat:

Look at edmunds to get available rebates, look at truecar for an idea about dealer discount, then calculate your own payment.

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Truecar shows the same car without the Midnight Package (which is just $490 to the total), sells for $18,006 to $18,333, at the actual dealership I’ve been e-mailing with. I know that’s with Financing, so how do I convert that into Lease speak. :smile:

Just input the numvers in the calculator and see what you come up with. Find mf either by looking at edmunds forum or posting here in the mf/rv section.

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Received an offer of $195 a mo with $646 drive off from another dealer.

I was quoted $162 per month 36/12 plus a $1406 (including 1st month) drive off for a 2017 Nissan Sentra SL with the Tech package. It was through the app. Have not yet seen the contract, but closing on Friday morning. If all goes well and the #'s are accurate, I’ll post them once all is complete. I know it’s not the Turbo, and the SL might be a little underpowered, but depending what your needs are, mine comes with heated, leather seats, power driver’s seat, Bose stereo, forward emergency braking system, intelligent cruise control etc…
I would suggest going on and asking for the MF and Residual. For the SL, the Residual was 57% and the MF was.00003. the SR might be a bit different.

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Thanks for the info! My priorities would be the Turbo engine, keeping the drive off low, and the Premium Package (which includes leather, sound system and blind spot monitoring). I believe the only thing not included in the model I’ve narrowed it down to, is the self-braking system (I think that’s exclusive to the SL).

RV is 56% for the SR Turbo, will have to double check the MF but my discussion back and forth with the dealers have referenced 0.00003

Last I checked at least in NYC, the incentives for Feb. were $2025 lease cash plus $500 bonus cash. Not sure if these apply on the west coast. Also, possible more bonus cash available, not too sure. Perhaps others here can answer this portion. I’m a novice on calculating lease deals but most of the experts here can assist you in figuring out what your payments should approximate once you ask for the actual sales price for the car as well as knowing the rebates available. The sales price is usually the key to figuring out if its a good deal. You can possibly shop this deal with other dealers in the area to get a better idea. As its coming toward the end of the month, dealers might be more open to revealing figures and adjusting their prices to meet quotas.

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Thanks. Yes, now that I’m looking for the regular SR Turbo instead of the Midnight, there are more dealers out there that might be able to offer something from their stock. I’m leasing through my sister and she’s down in CA while I’m up here in WA, so I’m doing all the leg work and talking with the CA dealers. If I could lease with her by proxy at a dealership here in WA, things would be much easier, haha!

And the lease will just be under her, I won’t be included in the agreement.

This would be considered a straw-man agreement which is against California law. If the dealer finds out you’re doing this they will kick your sister out promptly and pull any deals you are working on.

Tread carefully and don’t have someone else take the liability of a lease for you. The car needs to be driven by the person leasing it.

I hope I read what you wrote incorrectly.

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I signed a lease for my sister almost three years ago. She was the primary driver, and the Nissan dealership was fine with it. So I’m not doing anything that Nissan has already let me do before. :+1:t4: