Nice offer from Carvana, but now what to get?

Have a 2018 Armada SL that we purchased for $40800 brand new in 2019, has 23k miles, Carvana just offered us $32k for it and i want to get rid of it. Looking for something up to $600/month all in, got any ideas? Needs to be a SUV with pano sunroof, don’t need 4wd, don’t need a V8 engine but would like a 7/8 seater.

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Xc90 would be my first stop


Yup had one and loved it

Maybe im reading way too much into this, but I assume no crossovers just SUVs (Body on Frame)?

Nah, open to anything, we live in Orlando FL, just want it to feel luxurious, no 4 cylinder Rav4’s.

Highlander hybrid is a good option.

True, saw one on the street today, looks nice

Now get a T8

XC90 T8? I’m game! Where?

Anywhere lol
Ask @Benedetto. Check FL and NE incentives and go with the highest - by yourself or hire a broker.

Thanks Ursus

Man those T8’s got cheaper, back in 2015 when i got my T6, the T8’s were in the $80k+ range.
Now i see the MSRP of $55k. What changed?

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They offer a lower “inscription expressions” trim, but for the xc90 t8, it still starts more at like $64k. $55k is the xc69

They will stop making T6, so priced T8 starting lower to minimize the gap with T5, I guess.

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