NHTSA OKs Replica Car Manufacturing

Please, somebody make a BMW E38 without the horrible plastic drivetrain.

‘modern emission standards’ make this less appealing. Cali, which sets the emissions bar, allows 1975 and older classics to be exempt from smog rules. Most of these models are far less appealing if made to ‘modern emission standards’.

Disagree entirely. Old engines are charming but have piss-poor reliability, performance, and are very smelly (I’ve lost enough brain cells, don’t need to lose more huffing those emissions).

Slam a Coyote 5.0 or LS engine in anything and I’ll be happy.


True, all it says it should ‘resemble’ the classic model, but the implication a Shelby will be reproduced with modern emissions seems unlikely, nor the author’s prediction DeLoreans will begin flooding the road. Alas, an EV platform makes these quite possible.


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GM has a similar SBC based setup. I definitely would consider doing one, but LS swaps are pretty easy too, or throttle body injection gen1 SBC is cheap too.

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Just make this hypothetical E38 electric

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I guess that was my point, just hadn’t leapt there yet. I can’t see a small custom shop staying in business supporting GM engines in their replicas, nor any ICE engine for that matter. Nail down an EV platform ala Rivian ‘skate’, then add your fav replica skin, and away you go.

Plus, “which translates to California having most of the control of how this works through CARB. The EPA stated in 2019 that any engine package from a vehicle that has already met CARB standards can be used in these new replicas. Likewise, CARB itself has issued a regulation for producing compliant engine packages. That might spoil the look of a classic engine bay and indeed the idea of an exact replica, but it’s better than nothing.”

is entirely leapfrogged.