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OOC what were the numbers for this deal?

The m8 loaner is sold!
Thank you!

Do you think there’s any chance of a M440i or 840i convertible loaner coming around anytime? Thanks!

Whats a lease on an X7

I dont see any in the pipeline unfortunately

Welcome to the forum!

it depends on your spec but use the deal sheet to get an idea of what they typically lease out

calculators are pre-tax with loyalty and MSDs

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Any good deals on a x6m60 or x5m60 in stock or loaner coming up?

we have 1 x6m60 in stock at 6% off

x5 m60 orders and in stock are at 8% off


Only you can decide if the deal is good enough.
I have leased through Dan before, no issues there.

Good luck

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M8 convertible loaner is sold!
Wish I needed a car or I would have taken it myself

Memorial Day extra discount on loaners now

25.5% off 430
18% off x5

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Are you able to share which state the x5 loaners are in? I’m in GA but willing to travel for the right deal.

it’s in the loaner tab for those asking for calculations on specs

HI, I am interested in the white X5. I do not have loyalty. What would my payments look like? Where is the car located? I am in FL