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I wouldn’t keep waiting for that to happen if you actually want a car. My dealer got like 25 X5 40i allocations last month and 2 X5 M60’s. Both allocations sold for sticker within a few days. There is simply no reason for a car that rare to get a discount. Dealers simply aren’t getting enough allocations for discounting them any significant amount to make sense.


6 months left on my current x5
Will they take my car and cover the 6 months and get the 10% discount?

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Not without a lot of equity in the deal.

Is it the same 10% discount on 2024 X6?

What would give that impression?

There’s no need to blow ones brains out on an X6 when there’s an average of less than one uncommitted unit per dealer in the nation.

what @IAC_Scott said

10% off X5 40i with trade-in or lease return

I’ve had the the 40i and M50 on the x7
M50/M60 is overkill
the 40i gets a HP bump for 2024 so it’s more than capable

8% off
x3 30i

10% off
x5 40i
ix 50/60

11% off

2 ix M60

sold out of TD bank pens and fidget spinners :rofl:

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Short week and we will be off starting Friday 5/26 and back on Tues 5/30. If you are out of state, the last day for us to mail out docs will be this Thursday or your deal can’t be booked for May.

Thank you!

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12% off iX 50 and M60

iX 50
$915/mo + tax and inception fees + MSDS

iX M60

$1181/mo + tax and inception fees + MSDS

Im looking to get into a 2024 X5. My current x7 lease is up in august and wanted to know what deal we can come up with. 11219 is my zip

Hello, have you met my spreadsheet?

Please send me a Private Message or Email with the following:
Model you are interested in:
Color/options preference:
Zip code:
Miles needed:
MSDs or no MSDs:
Loyalty or Conquest :
Any other incentive you may qualify for ex. new grad, penfed, OL, etc. :fire:


How long is your order list for m340 xdrive? My current 5 series lease ends in december.

Hello, I’m ready to order. Sent you a private message 5 hours ago. I’m sure you’re busy.

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20 deep at the moment
doesn’t sound like a lot but most dealers are getting 1-3/month


Cheap 24 ix50 at 12% off

$819/month +tax!
first mo, fees, MSDs at signing

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MF in the calc showing at .00195, is MF marked up for this one? I thought we’re at .00175 this month.

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crap you’re right
fixed it thank you!

smh bmw used to be so easy with one MF

24s are .00195 except

IX 50/M60 .00175
X5 loyalty lease .00165

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No worries, is this deal for builds or do you have a config on hand you’re looking to move?

these are for built units


ix50 Is this still available ? Also the 7500 ev credit and 7500 loyalty credit works making a total of 15000 ?

yes it’s still available
there is no loyalty so just $7500 incentive on lease