🦁 Next Level Auto: March Mercedes Deals: 12% off EQS and SL BLOWOUTS

Full list and spreadsheet coming soon!

Mercedes at MSRP no markup except G wagons & Maybachs

Notable deals at MSRP:

SL55 and SL 63 roadster orders
S500 and 580 in stock and orders

I placed my order for the SL63 today!


3 order slots for GLS450 arriving July/August now available at MSRP

some dealers are asking $20k over for the GLS :man_facepalming:

SL63 is hands down one of my favorite AMG cars.
If I were to guess the lease is probs in excess if $2500+ p/m


Do you think SL55 lease would run over 1500? Trying to think if an order is worth it

Without specifying the terms, that’s a super vague ask. Can you get an SL55 for $1500 p/m? 100% …if you put like $30k down lmao.

I like to structure my leases the following way: 12k miles per year with $0 down and total first payment due at signing. I think considering the SL55 has a $135K base, and AMGs have always leased like shit, I would be shocked if you can even pull 1.5% of MSRP on that structure, and even so it would still be $2k per month.

Good point. I was referring to 10k/48m with zero down. As that’s typically the target with MB leases from my memory. You’re right regarding being lucky to get a 1.5%. Going to be tough to get 1.5k

So many arbitrary assumptions in this one…

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Do you have a spreadsheet yet? Looking for a GLC or GLB. Thanks!

I’m working on it for February as we are in the last week of the month and the program will change.

If you need a specific car, please PM me, and I’ll run numbers on it

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Can the three available GLS be purchased or just available to lease? Choose options or are these already configured? I’m in SC. Thanks!

You must be in the NY/NJ/PA/CT area as dealers here are becoming region specific on customer base

AMG GT53 for sale at sticker


White/black GLE350 4matic available in 1-2 weeks

$500 off sticker

How many rows of seating?

What would the monthly and the down be?

Located in NY!

MB inventory is still a big problem so everything has been case by base subject to availability

when do SL55’s come in?

GLB or E300 10,000 mile/ year lease?

How long is the custom order process running right now for M-B? Are they going near MSRP?

There is currently no E300, it was replaced in 2020 by the E350.