🦁 Next Level Auto: JUNE Mercedes Deals:10% off EQE SUV $565/mo with $3k DAS! ENDS 6/6!

You want to lease a SL55 if you have a Porsche

Any EQE or EQS SUV deals in NJ?

Any EQS SUV deal in NJ?

10% off EQS 580 sedan and SUV
Fleets adds another $2000 now (not included in the calc)



$20K off SL63
$10K additional off rebate for conquest (already in the calc…remove if you don’t qualify)


sold out of EQE, EQS 450
sold out of SL55

What do the numbers on SL55 look like for Porsche (911 owner)? is it the same $20K + $10K?

Really good but none available

Do you have any discount on the new glc 300 4 matic
Nj area
Buying cash

No sorry
No glc

Any EQS or EQE SUV deals in NJ?

Also looking for an EQS SUV in NJ!

eqs 580s are available

Any deals on S580’s?

Interested in leasing EQS or EQE in a week. Can I get more details on lease? Thanks

Interested asap

Interested in EQE 350 4matic Suv with Exclusive or Pinnacle package… Ready to lease immediately… Send deal information pls.

Any discount on c43?

Any deals on GLS 450’s? My current GLS lease ends in December, is it usually an issue if there are a few months left on the current lease before starting the new one?

Is 10k conquest for Porsche or amg still going?



Fresh EQE and EQS deals this month!
Waiting for final discounts but there are a good number of cars/suvs in stock


Thank you for a great month!

Sold 3 SL63 and this MB Yacht!