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No gran coupe in 2019

why are u causing trouble, my friend!!
some dealers are between 2-3% off M5s not 23% haha
I’m so tempted to get the m850 convertible

Happy Friday!


Anything on i3s?

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Interested in your 540i X Drive. Can you sell to texas?

Looks like June or later for these to start hitting showrooms in our area

The i3 deal is going to be insane for NJ

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Yep, can’t wait for it, current lease in up in July. Actually there is some i3’s(RoadStyle edition ) at West dealers, none of NorthEast dealers ordered them :((((

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Tell us…:grin:.

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4/6 April program update

MF .00118
Lease cash reductions or residual reductions to balance out the MF dropping


Yuck, poor job bmw.

When are you going to update APRIL BMW DEALS and LOANER with calculator links ?

Where’s the fire?

Programs came out like 4 mins ago. Give the guy a second my goodness


Curious, what is the point of BMW reducing residuals and MF to “balance” out? It literately makes the monthly payment the same.


Did BMWFS extend 2019s lease support?

2019 lease support extended another month!

2019s are better deals because lease cash and residuals are the same and the MF dropped. This includes the 2019 i8 Coupe listed!

2020 7 series and 8 series are better.

Othere than those, the program stayed pretty much the same this month (+/- a few bucks per month) despite some rumblings on the forum. There is no bonus cash to the dealers, so the dealer discount will remain the same.

Numbers are all updated. I’ll be adding more loaners throughout the week, thanks!


2019 have the leave lease cash/residuals as last month ? Only 2020s took the hit ?
Be safe

great news,

Yes, 2019 residuals and lease cash stayed the same which is amazing news, but the inventory is scarce unfortunately.

The 2020 deals are basically the same with the 7 series and 8 series getting much better.

Stay safe, everyone, and thanks for the continued support!


That’s an amazing 330xi deal on the loaner page.

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M car update:

  • M2 comps added
  • Heritage M4s now available
  • Only San Marino Blue M4CS left (unless you want CCB brakes)
  • A few really good build M5 / M5 Comps left
  • M8 / M8 Comps starting to arrive…the Gran Coupe inventory is extremely low and selling fast
  • Running low on X3M/X4M and X3M/X4M comps
  • Only Marina Bay Blue X5M Comps available (no X5M yet))
  • Only a few X6M Comps available (no X6M yet)

Free curbside delivery within 50 miles of NYC. All surfaces sanitized, and drivers will wear gloves and masks to ensure the safety of both parties.

Nationwide shipping is also available for BMWs over $75k MSRP

(parked next to a new M8 Comp GC)


SMH somehow covid-19 can’t stop convertible season: 2 series, 4 series, z4 convertibles added by multiple requests.

Enjoy responsibly, and stay safe!

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