Newer line of SUVs lease


Hi there! I’m looking to find out what is the current MF and incentives, residual value for the newer lines of SUVs below. I am in the northern NJ area.

Kia Telluride
Hyundai Palisade
VW Atlas or Tiguan

I am trying to help my parents get into a good leasing deal. Our hope is to stay near the $2,500 DAS and $300/month.

I truly appreciate your knowledge and insights in helping make this community a more educated one for car leasing. for all your MF and residual questions


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Ha! No shot, huh?

Why would you direct your parents to put 2500 down on a lease?


Well in general, I’m looking for an SUV around that range. Even if its smaller SUVs. My dad is a big boy.

What would you recommend?

You’re not going to get a palisade or telluride for that.

Maybe a base trim atlas or pilot.

I see. I thought so. Where in Edmund’s can I find the mf for cars, like the Atlas?

Go to Google and type in “2020 atlas lease Edmunds” and it’ll take you to the forum page for it. There’s anyway to get to it through the Edmunds homepage, but it’s much easier to just go through google

Zero cap cost and just put “down” first payment and plate fees.

Cap cost is ultimately the negotiated price of the vehicle. But what do you mean by zero cap cost?

He means zero cap cost reduction, aka no down payment towards reducing the cap cost.

So then, what would you say in regards to the theory of lowering monthly payments with more money down? Thanks a ton for your explanations

We would say that is not smart. I would suggest doing some research on leasing on this forum.

  1. this will never happen on the Kia/Hyundai twins.
  2. putting money down to artificially lower the payment is silly for a multitude of reasons. Whether you pay 300/mo with nothing down or 100/mo with 3500 down, you ultimately pay the same regardless, sans a few dollars savings in interest. You’d be better off investing the DP.

If you’re looking at a Tiguan you probably don’t need a real third row. There’s a whole bunch of other SUVs you can look at

I also don’t understand the concept of “needing an SUV for a big guy” … like an Accord is much bigger inside than a Tig or similar SUV


Excellent point on the size. Thanks so much for that insight.

Have you looked at the Mazda CX-9

I’m a “big guy” and have issues with some cars due to my shoulder width and running into the b pillar. What I fit comfortably in is largely dependent on vehicle design, not size. In Volvos, for example, I fit comfortably in every vehicle except the xc90. Because it’s a 3 row, the front door length is shortened and the b pillar is further forward.

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