Newbie Trying to Figure Out Options

Hey guys, I wanted to see what my options are. I am currently in a 42 month Lease. I have a 42 Month Lease 15k per year. My current payoff is 37,444. My residual is at 29k. My remaining payments are about 9k. I have about 56k miles on it right now. I wanted to see if I could get into another car. I am always weary about having a car out of warranty. Wanting to get into another luxury suv. Any ideas on what i can do. I have gone to car max and gotten 31k for my car. I have looked around at the Cayenne, RR, QX80. They all seem appealing I am just worried about the payments. I currenlty am paying 760 per month right now. I am a newbie at this and would love any advice. Thanks in advance.

It looks like you are over the mileage. Other than just eating the cost i am not sure what you can do. Try to see if a dealer will give you more but seriously they will just not give you as big of a discount to make up for what they give you in addition to carmax. If you worried on payment maybe you can get not a luxury SUV. A jeep grand cherokee has quite a few good options for a 45k msrp car. Toyota Highlander too.

Figure out your mileage. If you are going to get into “luxury” and be over miles, that is an expensive proposition with 25 cents a mile. If you drive 50k miles in 3 years, leasing is NOT the best way to go. Buy/Finance a low mileage off lease 3 year old vehicle. With CPO, you can get an extended 7 year, 100k warranty.

Thanks guys for the advice. I just like having new cars. Definitely have to rethink things then. Thanks