Newbie to leasing. Need good lease info on 2016 Mazda cx-5 grand touring in 94551

First time prospective leaser here :slight_smile: need to know what’s a good lease for a 2016 Mazda cx-5 grand touring with 36 month/12k miles in zip code 94551. I’m not sure of the mrp. Preferably 0 down lease.

Also, im not sure if i’ll buy the car at lease end or return it. How does that effect the lease?

Currently my main objective is to keep my monthly payments low.

Thanks in advance!

2016 CX-5 FWD Grand Touring (2016.5)

36/12K: 61% residual, .00014 MF
Targeted: $500 Mazda Loyalty/Military

On a car with a $29,470 MSRP, an excellent selling price would be $27,700. Plug those numbers into Leasehackr Calculator, and you get $319/month, including 9% tax, with $0 down (approx. $700 total drive-off fees).

The residual value is 60% of MSRP, so if you intend on buying it at lease-end, it’ll be $17,977 + tax. You can try working out different finance vs. buy scenarios. Leasing gives you greater flexibility after three years, though traditional financing through a credit union (e.g., 1.9% APR over 60 months) might have a lower total cost by a few hundred dollars.

Michael, thank you very much. I should have mentioned I was looking for an AWD. Would these numbers differ a lot?

AWD residuals, rates, and incentives are the same for CX-5 Grand Touring. The only difference would be the MSRP.

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