Newbie Questions - Help first post

I have been leasing cars since it first became a thing in the late 80s maybe? I have gotten pretty average deals, never anything too terrible, but i cant remember the last time i paid for a vehicle repair or tires.

I am about a year away from my lease expiration and after reading some of the deals here i decided with research i will get a better deal on the next lease.

First question, I live in NC and see very few deals there. Is there any reason for this?

Can you lease a car out of state and what determines if you can or not?

Is it worth going with a broker, and how does that work. Do you pick approximately what you want ot do the deal with specific cars?

Finally in case it matters i am looking for a full size truck next time, Tundra (if the 2022s are out) or GMC Sierra Elevation.

Thank you in advance.

If you’re going for a tundra you owe yourself to check out @Jrouleau426

Of course a year in advance is way too early though.

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Hi and welcome to LH!

Competition. Based on the customer base and dealers/supply, dealers may not need to be as aggressive in their deals. For example, Los Angeles has 20 BMW dealerships in a 50 mile radius. A lot of options there…

Yes, but you need to work with the out-of-state dealer on the details. It’s up to the dealer - some do, some don’t.

Happy reading on LH… :slight_smile: there’s a lot out there, and it’s up to you to determine those specifics. Check out the Marketplace, Reviews and such.

With a year to go, you have plenty of time. Good luck!


Welcome to LH. The good news - you have time to learn how to land a great deal. I would start here:

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Thank you for your service! Unicorns needed the old you. :unicorn::rainbow::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings: I look forward to your next LH deal in the Trophy Garage.