Newbie: Looking for a deal when I'm not picky

So by why of a quick introduction.

I’ve been a cheap used car cash buyer my whole life. So far it’s done okay in that. I would estimate I’m working out to ~$125/mo in total cost of ownership. Then I came across this site and it got my juices flowing. Can I do better than that leasing? Maybe pay a little more for a nicer car.

I’m in FL with excellent credit. I drive less than 9k miles and open to anything including an EV. I can do a single payment lease if needed.

So the main question I have is where do I get started if I’m not picky on the make or model? How can I target deals (e.g., loaners) and favorable terms when I’m casting such a wide net? It seems a little futile to email every dealership with a vague email about what specials they are running then build a funnel to sort them down to a short list.

Read the forums and find a deal you like. Then attempt to reproduce it. Not sure what your target is, but if it’s 125/month, that might be hard to get in FL.

Generally just have to run the numbers. On a new car can you realistically get 10-15% off MSRP? Okay, are the manufactures running any large incentives to entice buyers? If so, are the residuals and money factor workable?

For example, Volvo V60’s have like $9k of lease cash, and can probably can get the 10-15% off MSRP from the dealer. But it has a low 40’s residual despite a cheap MF, so a hacker deal is almost guaranteed not to happen.