Newbie Leaser Hyundai Lease Cash/Bonus Cash



Hey everyone, long time lurker first time poster, couldn’t find what I was looking for so hoping I could get some clarification.

From looking at edmunds and a few other sites, it appears that there is currently $4600 of lease cash available for the 2019 Sonata 2.0T I was looking at. When I checked out Truecar, a couple of the dealerships are currently offering a Certified Dealer MSRP Discount (1500-2500 depending on dealer) as well as a 2019 Hyundai Sonata Retail Bonus Cash (2000).

From my understanding the certified dealer msrp is the Truecar discount and the retail bonus cash is completely separate from any lease cash offer, is that correct or am I completely off base. I didn’t see it listed on the dealers website or really any dealers website for that matter, is this an incentive the dealer can offer if they want but aren’t necessarily obligated to offer?

Thanks so much!

2019 Hyundai Sonata MF Question

Retail bonus cash is a purchase incentive.


Hi All,

In the market for a new car and first lease and have been eyeing a Sonata - Limited. With the current incentives, the cap cost comes down quite a bit but what seems to be killing the deal is what I feel like is a very high MF (though maybe that’s just the norm) for tier 1 credit (0.00277) and average residual (52). From my research, that appears to be the base rate or very close to it.

What I was hoping to better understand is what’s up with the high MF and since residual and mf are non negotiable is it even worth trying to pursue knowing I’m limiting the type of deal I could potentially get? Any tactics or tips from the experts here on if I can use the high MF as a bargaining chip in negotiations? The car checks all the boxes for me and want to get a deal done!

Thanks, sorry for the newbie questions!


You are correct in that buy rate MF cannot be negotiated - it seems that Hyundai and Kia, to name a couple brands, consistently have extremely high MFs and therefore aren’t as attractive to lease. The only way to really “offset” it is to ask for a bigger dealer discount.