Newbie Lease question -- confused

I got the following lease quote and can’t get the calculator to match. I’m trying to figure out how a good a deal this is.

MSRP 31,545
Discount 2,176
Sale price 29,369
Customer Cash 319 (first month’s payment due at pick up)
Total Rebates 6,180

39 months
318.47 per month
12,000 miles per year

Residual 16,403.40
MF 0.00184

I’m in NY state so the taxes are high and included in the payment.
All the fees are rolled into this. The dealer didn’t break them out in the quote.

Thanks in advance.

Post up your calculator and we can help you make it work.

You’ll want to get the fees broken out. Not necessarily itemized, but at least the fee total.

Also helpful to tell us what vehicle and what your tax rate is.

You didn’t even put what car this is. We can’t evaluate it until then.

Kia Optima EX Premium
tax rate is 8%
I don’t have a number on the fees yet

Have you confirmed rv/mf/incentives with edmunds?

Unfortunately you’re not going to get out of paying acquisition fees and I’d be shocked if your gov fees were that low

If you put $595 into the acquisition it comes out to $318. $595 is just a number I tried but that’s around about what it costs.

Thanks everyone.
So does this look like a fair deal?

$2k off a $30k optima when there is a new, vastly superior model right around the corner seems low to me. That’s assuming that you’re getting buy rate MF and they aren’t hiding any other incentives into the discount (which is why you need to confirm info from Edmunds). When you look at the comparable deals and broker posting on here, what are you seeing for pre-incentive discounts?