Newbie here...Anyone lease in your Biz name? If so.. what make and model

I am looking to lease thru my Biz/corporation. I would prefer to use Ally bank b/c they don’t always require a PG on cars (if you biz has great credit!) I am between a Porsche or Ranger Rover. I also like a Masarti.

I am in SC but will travel to for the right deal!!!

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You sure it’s not Havarti that you like?


you can [quote=“Ursus, post:2, topic:12714”]
You sure it’s not Havarti that you like?

You can have a parti

WTF … Ursus… ?

Farrahlicious and I will get along fine.

I suppose what you lease depends on what you need lol?
Porsche, Range Rover and Maserati are all very different vehicles for different purposes.

I am will probably get a car and suv…

I am just throwing it out here … hopefully someone has purchased or leased in their biz names?

WTF, @vhooloo LOL [20 chars]

*Clicks on title thinking a different query from a previous thread. Observes a myriad of grammatical errors and determines the OP isn’t worth the help after all of this could’ve been avoided by using the “search” function. Back to Jalopnik.

You aren’t interested in leasing a Power Ranger…I mean Ranger Rover?

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