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Hello! Brand new to this site and realize this deal might not be the best, but would just like some input. It’s important for my gf to have the monthly payments under 500, which is why she wanted to use the equity if our current lease that’s ending with Mazda.

Was trying to do some calculations but not sure if im doing it right. Is it possible this MF is ~12.5?! Just want to make sure I’m not totally getting screwed.

2023 Pathfinder SL 4WD
18 month lease-10k mile/yr
Gross Cap Cost-44,763
Adjusted Cap Cost-42,775 (have some equity on old Mazda lease)
Residual Value-40,048

If I pay 2500 up front taxes and fees, payments will be 431.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Check out the deal from @aronchi or @NewAgeAutoLease

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A great start is to forget that deal for now, head to the marketplace and see what brokers are offering in your area. If they’re more expensive which could be highly unlikely, they go with your deal. However, start there.


Ok thanks. As an fyi, this is from a broker I’m worker with. I guess I’m confused bc unless I’m doing it wrong, the MF seems really high. Haven’t heard back yet from him about this.

this is a LH broker?

I will add that Nissan’s fiscal year (as well of EOM) are quickly approaching; the prime time for Nissan picking could be now.

If you cannot get a deal contracted within the next few days, you might as well wait for April’s figures to be released.

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No. It’s a local broker that was recommended in my town

All of the NY broker offerings i have seen people post in here from non-LH brokers have been horrendous.

As for the mf, nissan mfs are high. Their leases have very high residual values, so the lease cost is almost entirely made up of rent charge.


Yes and I was trying to stick with the 18 month lease which I thought is ending this month

Ok thanks for the feedback. I see about the high MF and high residual value. This is all new for me bc I have a company car which we try to use often bc free gas lol. With that said, are we totally getting screwed or is it “fair”?

The best way to answer this question is to tske some time and put together a target deal based on your personal situation and the current market to understand what a good deal is before reaching out to anyone.

You can look at the broker postings on here for some good comparison points as well.


How much equity do you have in the Mazda, and how much of it are you planning to put down on the Pathfinder?

The $2,500 cash out of pocket is on top of the equity you’re putting down?

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1988 equity on the Mazda so was going to use all of that. And it looks like the first month payment, taxes, fees etc are 2500. Was planning to pay that up front.

Shop your buyout around. If the Mazda is leased thru Citibank or Chase (can’t remember which bank Mazda usually uses) you should be free to sell the car to anyone. Check out Carmax online and Autonation online as well for quotes. I have found that if you bring the car in to Carmax, it locks the offer price in vs you can keep trying on Carmax website and the offer can change +/- 500 in a day.


If you have the funds available, a one pay on this would definitely save you some money. There are some good deals on the Rogue and Murano if you don’t need the space of a Pathfinder.


End of month, end of quarter and end of Nissan’s fiscal year are all tomorrow (3/31/23).

I would do the following:

  1. Contact a broker here on LH depending on your area/shipping, etc.
  2. If not going with a LH broker or other broker, use the supporter calculator above
  3. See what incentives you can get from the calc
  4. Enter into the calc the MSRP, 1 Pay, 18m/10k, max MSDs (9), plus zip, tax rate, expected dealer/doc, registration etc.
  5. Target your all in $ for $100 about the Residual Value or the dealer will have to mess with the numbers, pay out a check on the side, etc. to get NMAC to approve the lease (must be $100 above RV).

The above is a good start but if there will be dealer any urgency due to the 3/31/23 date you need to move ASAP.


Chase or Toyota Financial

Not in NY, max is 2 and most dealers won’t do one pay + MSDs anyway.

Didn’t know the OP was leasing in NY or was from NY (no MSDs or max of $750) until I saw the “NY” tag, max for MSDs is 9 in almost all places with NMAC and I have seen that many dealers will do 1 pay and max MSDs.

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