Newbie at dealer. Question about down vs drive off

At the dealer. Quick question. I saw the down payment is marketed as 3000 and now dealer is saying total drive of is 5600. Is that correct? Registration and everything cost over 2k?

Yup. But you already lost being at the dealer and not u derstanding leases


How anyone is supposed to know that? You need to ask these questions before going to a dealer. Good luck.

So when people talk about down payment in the form. Is that down or total drive off?

Read leasing 101 on this site sir

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Honestly you should leave the dealer now! Learn about leasing and then coming back. You will save thousands.

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Here people usually are referring to due at signing which is the total due.
Again leave now! Don’t be one of those who posts “how did i do” after everything was already signed.


I have a bad feeling.

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Could this be another $900/month Pilot?

OP please read leasing 101 and do your negotiations over email. Learn about leasing before you dump money.

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This is so standard…:man_facepalming:

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Thanks for everyone’s quick response. I’m sorry I didnt read that before. Been going through the form about two weeks, but was mainly watching what price people are getting and decide what car should I look into. Didn’t notice that difference.

I went there to get a drive event discount. Saw the good numbers and was trying to move forward

Always use due at signing when talking about what to pay upfront for lease at dealers. If you say down payment, they’ll assume that’s before drive offs.

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OP did you sign?

No, I didn’t