Newbie 2018 GLA 250 Loaner Lease!

Hi guys,

First post here. Never leased a car before! Thought I’d give it a shot, so would appreciate any advice. Read through a few dozen threads to get an idea of how leasing worked this morning and went into the local dealer to get a quote to work off of, but I can’t seem to get the numbers to match in the calculator. Too many items that I’m not sure where to put :frowning: Didn’t have any time to negotiate numbers, as something came up and I had to leave. But here’s what I was quoted!

Lease details below are for a loaner 2018 GLA 250 4matic 15/36mo, around 4k miles.
MSRP: $40745 (includes $995 destination & delivery, not sure if this is supposed to be included?)
Residual: 57%
Lease end value: $23,074.65
Initial Cap Cost: $34,981.00
Customer Cash Down: $5,000
Cash Cap Reduction: $4,145.78
Term: 36
Rate/MF: 0.00142 (understand I can use MDS’s to lower, hopefully? And I plan to use as many as allowed)
Total Adds to cap: $1,095.00
Adjusted Cap Cost: $31,930.22 (I can see how 34981 - 4145.78 + 1095 = 31930.22, but don’t really understand what this means)
Base Monthly Rental: 324.10
Tax Rate/amt: 8.75% = 28.36
Total Monthly Payment: 352.46
Milage adjustment: 150.00
Total initial fees: 109.00
Total upfront fees: 23.00
Total sales tax: 1390.72
Amount due at start: 5,000
Total working cash: 5,000
DMV Amt/add 15.

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t seem a good lease value (?). Hopefully I can qualify for some rebates, I think the dealer mentioned something about being a recent college graduate? Anyways, would really appreciate if someone could help me achieve these numbers on the calculator (can’t figure out how to break out the fees…) and if someone could provide some advice on what things I should try to negotiate down.

Last note: I am in no rush to get a new car and am not extremely attached to the GLA 250, although I do like how it looks/drives. Might look around and see if there’s a dealer around me with a white car available (this one is blue) but not a huge issue. Thanks a ton in advance and let me know if I left out any crucial details…!

Quick bump. Edmunds says that MF should be 0.0092; is this something I can just ask the dealer?

Yes you can ask the dealer to give you the advertised MF rate. Should bring down payment. Also ask them for an extra discount and put down MSD instead of “Cash cap reduction” (ie money down)

Thanks! (20 chars)…

Just for your reference
Before thanks giving I leased a brand new GLA 2018 with 17 miles

MSRP $40,615
Agreed priced $35,108
Sign off payment: $1,250 (title, reg, 1st month and fees)
Monthly payment: $412 + tax 36m/7.5k

2 years of prepaid maintenance included on my payments

I’m sure I left money on the table since they added fees to the cap cost but at the end I was comfortable with the monthly payment agreed. I visited two dealerships before, one of them wanted me to pay 2.5k and a monthly payment of 460 for a 2017 loaner with 4000 miles

Not sure if you’re still looking for comps, but I just completed my first lease today. However, mine was a 2017 GLA 250 loaner with 4000 miles.

MSRP: 37625
Selling price: 30000
MF: .00039
Residual: 59%
Acquisition fee: $495
Doc fee: 699 (standard for NC)
Cap cost reduction: $284.81 (equivalent to 1st month payment)

Total monthly payment with tax $284.81

All things considered, I think it was a good deal. Might have been able to get it a little lower, but considering the first numbers they quoted were $475 with $2k down, I feel good about where things ended up.

@Chadlepisto Where do you live? Did you pay the Acquisition and Doc fee up front or was your 284.81 with a zero drive off? Thanks!

all you paid was $284.81 at signing?

@kennydavis and @Warbeast, yes all I paid was 284.81 at signing. The acq fee and doc fee were part of the the gross cap cost. Here’s a copy of the agreed upon deal. (I could scan the actual contract, if needed.)