(New York) 2017 Maznda 3 hatchback Grand touring 2.5

Hello guys, I have been looking for 2017 Mazda 3 hatchback touring 2.5 manual.

One of dealer was able to send me this quote.

to me, monthly payment and MSRP looks way MORE expensive …

was anyone able to lease 2017 mazda 3 touring 2.5 manual for less then $250 per month?

oh, and this is with $0 down…

To be honest, with $ 316 per month price tag ,there are a lot better cars out there i can lease !

What is the negotiated price? MF?

This is just q quote that i received.

i did ask for MF and price reduction, but have not heard from them yet.

Am i only one who thinks its way too expensive?

General rule of thumb is <1% MSRP monthly with 0 down.

Look around here. $316 for a Mazda 3 is ridiculous.

thank you ! i thought it would be crazy.

i guess since its a new car, dealers are trying to overprice it !

Here in the Bay Area with 1700 down they want 350 a month including tax for 15/36 its unbelievable.

wow ! 1700 down AND $350?? that is insane… might as well go for BMW 3 series

Look at forum, i got a dodge charger for 295 a month all in for 35k msrp car.

I tried leasing a Fiat Spider 27k MSRP and the girl wanted 380+ tax + 2k down.

I was like…I could finance the car for that price.

its so hard to find good deals in NY =(

Not really. You’re probably just looking at cars that lease poorly (like Mazdas)

Very true. Maybe you can broaden your base. I was looking at a Chrysler 300S at first but got a great deal on a grand cherokee. You have to be open in selection if you want a good deal.

ahh…that is true. but i really want good manaul car and it seems like there aren’t many manual cars =(