New Years Special - 2019 Demo i8 Roadster $849 with $849 due at signing! Loyalty Included

Hey guys. First come first served on this i8. White on e-copper Roadster. Current deal is $849 with $849 due at signing!


Sent you a pm about the i8


Can you send me the breakdown please ?

Thank you very much

Nice deal!

If i already have one, will fs buy my credit on another one so i can immediately put it on swapalease for a 5 grand profit?


BMW are terrible on lease swaps. Good luck though.

Wow…what a deal for putting in 0 work for whoever gets this!

Argg I am on vacation at the moment but would love to get on this deal

There’s no brand or bank better at it


Go troll somewhere else, BMW is by far the worst at lease transfers. Head over to the i8 or M5 boards, many, many stories about how difficult it is to transfer a BMW lease. You’re either a troll or greatly uninformed.

Completely wrong bmw is the easiest to transfer by far


Easyyyyyyyy there.

No one is trolling. Just because you don’t like my answer doesn’t mean you need to throw shade.

BMW is the best if not one of the best.

What are you comparing it to?

I can tell you from personal experience that Toyota is as slow as can be, GM is limited to in-state and equally slow.

Lease transfers are generally not easy/smooth, but BMW is damn good at it. Why else would we see so many here?



I should add specifically…

It may be because you’re looking at i8 and M5 boards. Those cars probably are difficult to transfer not because of BMW, but because of potentially under-qualified people trying to take them over. BMWFS is a bank and they need to curb their risk.

@aronchi has mentioned many times how hard it is to get people approved.


it’s impossible getting someone approved for an i8…have seen people making over half a mill get declined, but bmw is the easiest bank to swap.


Is it just me or is there a lot of missing info?

Curious if you know why that is? Do they have high income but bad credit? Possibly too many other large loans?

If I choose to ball this hard in the future would love to know more.

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Probably DTI. Debt can easily scale up faster than income.

Some of it also is getting a car well outside what they typically have owned. Some people start a company and get paid but want to ball out quickly but are going from a $20K Honda accord to an i8 and BMW nixes that quick despite them showing their income.

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Would they be as stingy with someone getting an M5 or other $100k plus car? Or is it something specific to the i8 being an “exotic”

This thing still available? Having a relative in Tampa reach out to you.