New VS Loaner MB C300/4M—WWYD?

Hi all. Currently have two deals on the table, one new and one is a loaner. They both have roughly the same options (new cars has better rims) @$47k. The loaner has ~3500 miles.

The difference comes down to price:
New car is $370/mo with $2650 DAS + $4500 in MSDs.
The loaner is $339/mo with $1828 DAS + $4500 in MSDs.

That’s a $31 difference per month and another $800 DAS for the new car. Over the life of the lease it’s about a $1900 difference.

So what would you do if you were presented with these two options? Is it worth an extra $30 a month and $800 / $1900 over the life of the lease? What if the new car dealer came down another $10/month (which I think I can do). Would it be worth it then?

Stressing a bit over this. Need to make a decision by tomorrow morning so would appreciate any POVs.


3500 mi is as good as new, i’d take the loaner. If you can push the price on the new car you can prob push it on the loaner too. I wouldn’t pay an extra $1900 basically for nicer rims. Total waste of $ IMO.

Where are you located? If in socal i can get you a better deal but not as loaded.

What kind of numbers can you do in SoCal?

Pm me. Car i posted 3 days ago is sold.

Ask for maintenance thrown in on the new one. Maybe that’ll help on costs/desicion?

I’m in NYC but buying in NJ for the MSDs.

What’s better, another $10 off per month or the maintenance thrown in at the current price. Would that tip the scales for you?

I’m leaning towards the loaner but there’s something special about getting a new car. How much is that worth?

I’d push for more discount on the loaner and take the loaner.

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It’s only new the day you buy it. After that its used. What % discount from msrp are each of them?

Both are around 18/19% discounted

Think I’m at my limit with the loaner. Already leveraged the new car offer against it.

As @28firefighter said, push for a larger discount on the loaner. Target used to be 22-25% on loaners. That one has only 3500 miles so residual reduction is minimal.

Usually the 25% off loaners have higher mileage. As far as what new is worth, only you can decide that. To me it means nothing. A car with 3500 to me is new and well worth the $1900 savings

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Yeah take the loaner. Monthly savings plus less DAS make a big difference overall. In the end just be happy with your choice :slight_smile:

Went with the loaner! Thanks all!