New Volvo offer: 1st 3 months paid by VCFS

I’m seeing this first three months covered by VCFS offer on some dealer sites (TX & PA) and wondering if this is a national offer? Seems to be for the second half of October.

Has anyone actually taken advantage of this? What model has the best lease MF/residual combo right now?

XC90, S90, and Polestar are excluded.

Saw it in Cali as well

If they’re excluding these models, what’s the point? The S60 is nice, but it’s tech and general interior design is falling behind and it’s back seat is really small.

how about XC60 and XC70 ?

I thought the same as well. But someone had posted getting a quote for an XC90 with the first three months covered, so maybe it’s YMMV.

Agree about tech 100%. But what’s wrong with interior design? Best seats and very clean, high quality Scandinavian design. The back seat is not smaller than in any sedan in it’s class, and there are extra 3" in Inscription.
I personally can’t stand interior design in Japanese luxury brands. It’s all over the place.

Is its tech not better than bmw?

I think Volvo is one of the few that has not (yet?) incorporated the vertical or horizontal tablet plopped on top of the dash.

Plus the Volvo VR lady cannot understand Call xyz when in nav. You need to be in phone menu for it to do voice-recognition specific to that feature. In the Dodge (LOL), the Voice Recgonition can jump across context. When in NAV, I can say Tune to satellite Channel Howard Stern and it will work.

Don’t know anything about BMW, but doubt Volvo’s 5 years old (?) Sensus can be better than anything :slight_smile:

BTW, Volvo was the first one to implement popup navigation on top of dashboard. I had it on my 2007 XC90.

Yeah, navigation so cumbersome it’s almost useless. Even on my wife’s Forester it’s much better.

Have leased 2014 BMW i3 and 2016 Volvo S60 and i3 has better screen (since it is tablet). Volvo infotainment console is dated but Volvo safety tech is much better :slight_smile: Both BMW and Volvo are not touch screens but Dodge is (LOL again).

Not talking about safety tech here :wink: Safety tech is great across the board now. Forester’s eyesight is awesome and it has a touch screen :slight_smile:

I would take a controller-based system like iDrive/Comand etc over touch screens anyday…eyes off the road maybe 1/5th or 1/10th of the time

Touch screen for Navi is a must. For anything else - yeah, I don’t care. New XC90/S90 have tablet type displays which is great.

I guess I was also coming from an angle of many of these being standard on the Volvo vs. Options on bmw.
I feel like American cars always have the tech down to look cool and entice customers…but everything else is usually behind.

Now that a 3 series and S60 are similarly priced, those are what it’s come down to.

S60 is still much better equipped than similarly priced 3. The only drawback for me is the Sensus. But Volvo is building a factory in the US that will produce redesigned S60.

A number of the Volvo dealerships in South Florida have sign and drive offers on top of the national offer.

However, at this point, supply is pretty low on the vehicles and their respective trim levels that are being offered.

Looks like it is time for some great volvo deals but that deal is only $0 down and still not sign and drive.

what is the mf and residual for 2016 xc60 T5 premier, 24m/10k, or 36m/10k. A loaner car @ 35200, what is the payment with 0 down?