New vehicle mileage


I’m getting a “new” audi lease, and purchase order is showing mileage of 734. I think the mileage can’t be that high if it wasn’t used for demo. What would be usual mileage on a new lease?

Usually a truly new car will have less than 50 miles I would say (probably less than 20).
May have been an executive demo for the boss.

Yes the dealer just confessed it was an executive demo for 4 weeks. I’m not happy about it, will probably scrap it.

If you are ready to walk away then just ask for a bigger discount (if you are ok with taking the car). If they don’t give the discount you are planning to walk away anyway.


I think Audi can technically call a car “new” if under 1k miles. Still disappointing they didn’t disclose it was a demo.
Which model you looking to get?

Q7. They’re offering $300 discount but I don’t think I’ll take that even though it becomes $1k. I feel like it’s just a different deal when it was used by some random person (or people) for 4 weeks.

Please share the deal details so folks can help evaluate the deal and what room exists for additional discounts.

The rules vary by state, but cars can be considered new in many locales with a few thousand miles on them provided they weren’t registered yet.

Right. I’ve just had a lot of exposure to Audi and from what I’ve gleaned, 1k is the demo threshold.

That may be a threshold for leasing, but it could still legally be considered a new car with more miles than that (depending on state law) provided it wasn’t titled

Ask them to honor the same deal on a car with sub 100 miles

We tried to get a loaner 19 330i but the salesman was telling us it’s the same price for new or the car with 2k miles. He told me the car with miles wasn’t a loaner or demo, but was just a car they let someone drive for a week. I would walk or swap to a car with lower if they keep the deal with a different car.