New US Bank Lease (Tundra), How Does It Work? They just bill me?

Help me out. Just leased a new Tundra last week (US Bank). Received no emails or anything from them. Will they send me a paper invoice or something as I get closer to due date? The Finance Manager wasn’t even sure, he did mention US Banks leasing procedure are fairly archaic compared to others. When I leased my last Ford, I had 5 emails and an online account password in my email inbox before I even got home, and welcome letter in the mail the next day. I’m fine with a printed invoice, I haven’t actually written a check in years, but why not…

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It’ll come in the mail about 10 days before due date , be patient…

Then on you can setup an online account with US Bank and even download the app

Ya know, if you really can’t wait you can just call them up and ask them for your account number. The rep will give it to you over the phone and then you can set up an online account and register your email and pw and see your “dashboard” with your account info. They have your info. (SSN, DOB etc)

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Last week? Wow there cowboy, patience


I could care less, as long as they get there money on time I’m not complaining. Actually the lack of follow-up and email harassment is a nice change.

I signed a Tacoma with U.S. on 4-9-20 and still do not have mine.


Shhh… maybe they forgot and you will get the truck free?

After the Dealer sending me two overnight envelopes to re-sign new leases (the latest with an additional $72 over the 2 year lease term), I received my first letter with account number from U.S. on 5/12/20.
I called U.S. to make a quick over the phone payment and the gal on the phone said there was a note there were issues and I was not late with my first payment.
Anyway, dealer sent me a check for the $72 as the lease was under the $2,500 minimum lease for U.S. which caused the slow-down.

These finance guys are not always up on everything.
Largest dealer in my State and they also tried to transfer my car plate to the Tacoma (my state requires a truck plate).


Finally got my statement in the mail today, 8 days to spare. Signed up for the online account, and website looks like something from 1998. The site has zero lease or vehicle information, just the total amount and date owed. Few other basic details. I don’t even trust adding my external bank details, will be the only monthly checks I have written in years.

The website won’t save you’re banking info either. Every time I make my payment I have to pull out my checkbook and enter the routing number and account number. I guess it’s the price you pay for a cheap lease…lol

For my US Bank leases, I’ve always been able to use my Bank Of America billpay to send a same day electronic payment. I just scheduled to get sent on the 12th of each month and I’m done. I’m sure they are linked to most other major banks in the same way,

Bes thing to do is call in and have them walk you through the auto pay, I did and have each months payment done automatically; I agree pretty sad website.