New Unicorn Acquired

I’m happy.
2016 GTI-S, 2-Door Black, 6 Speed Manual, Performance Pack and Lighting Pack.
$28,305 MSRP
$25,250 Negotiated Price ($3,055 off of MSRP)

Dealer Processing Fee (Documentation) $299
’Electronic’ Registration Fee $61.00
Registration, Title Tag Fee $250.50
Acquisition Fee $625 (I prefer to pay up front)
Some sort of ‘other’ sales tax $789.90
(I am in NJ, 7% tax is on the monthly lease payment, so I’m still understanding this charge, which I believe to be questionable)
$219.78 1st month payment
.00130 Money Factor (interest rate)
59% residual
36 month lease, 10,000 miles per year

So, with a total out the door payment of $4,729.00, I am now the happy owner of my new Unicorn.

Nice deal! the GTI-S isn’t the easiest to negotiate on either. VW dealers are proud of them and try and make more $$$ on them.

Good job!

-Anthony @

Any ideas on the ‘$789.90’ other tax?


So you put down $4,729 total at signing which included your first month, bank fee, taxes and other fees and paying $219 a month for the remaining 35 months?

yes that is correct…

I think you got a nice car but a pretty standard deal. Add it all up and it’s just over $344/mo zero due on a 10k miles/yr lease.

Hmmmm, my purpose was to have the lowest possible price, I guess it is what it is.
How would YOU have dealt?

That is a very desirable config, congrats.
Last month people on VW vortex were reporting getting 4.5k -5k off MSRP on mid config GTI’s, now in June its not looking as hot. But with 2016 production ending because of 2017 models around the corner and compensation from dieselgate creating addt demand in the next months, i think 3.5 off is a good deal If you wanted this config now

This I know as well as knew and why I ordered.
No dealers have this config on their lots, as it is an “order only” type of car.
Hence my gamble to order and hope I get a good deal.
As previously mentioned here and elsewhere, the selling dealer would not give me a firm price, said it was MSRP, and he would allow any incentives at the time it “hit the dock from the factory” and delivered, to be applied to the MSRP to reduce it.
Many dealers who DID have the car, held to their guns and would not budge during the last 6 months. I know, I called them all and was willing to fly to Alaska, Arizona, Chicago, Ohio, etc., but each time one of THOSE dealers advertised this config as being available, they never lowered the price, they always used it as a “bait” to lure a customer into their showrooms to sell them a Red one, a 4 door one, a SE model, an automatic model, etc., but never seemed to have THAT car for any price but MSRP. (obviously they too were SOLD cars that were ordered and in the end for whatever reason, the original person who ordered it backed out on the deal, etc.)
Well, funny story, the day before I got the call that my car “hit the dock”, I saw it advertised on their website for over $4k off of MSRP! (I had my VIN # by then). I was crazed. I had my wife inquire (she has a different last name), I had friends ‘play the game’, and they all were contacted to inform them the car was indeed available. I called the next day and they said it was en-route on the carrier, and I asked for numbers. Their numbers were nowhere near the advertised price.
'Then the pricing games began.
Long, long, long story, but in the end I was able to get the discounts I was entitled to except and additional $1500 was not applicable as I was not financing the car, but leasing it.
And sure, I knew I could wait until 2017, but this is not a long term marriage, if I fall in love, I’ll buy it at the end of the lease. If the all electric GTI is out in 3 years, no brainer, bye bye ICE (internal combustion engine).
And finally, 4.5 to 5k off of MSRP was not realistic for THIS model, as much I felt it should be or was, it’s mostly for everything else they have on their lots that they want to move, not order.
So, I’m loving it, nice car, just a tad surprised that Deep Pearl Black looks dark blue metallic in the direct sunlight and pitch black in the shade…white next time.