New Toyota Lease Deals in Texas: Tundra, Tacoma, Camry, Corolla

Is the Tundra still available? I am in Austin TX

Yes, call or text me 727-504-8904



Hey. Anybody know the MF , residual, any incentives for zip code 19701 ?

You can ask for that information on the Edmund’s lease forums. When asking for MF, RV and incentives, just give them the Make, Model, Trim, Mileage per year, # of months, and your zip code. They typically respond the same day.

Only available in Texas? I’m in Arizona and looking for a Tundra deal.

available in NY?

Do you deal with Lexus as well?

Noob question; how does this work with an upside down trade? Do I negotiate that portion directly with the dealer?

It’s either rolled into the lease or you pay off the negative equity.

I understand that part of it, I’ve traded/purchased cars before. Fred being a broker adds another level of potential complexity.

@Fred_Soliman I’ll reach out privately for clarification.

Check edmunds post it on their forum

is this us bank or tfs and are they valid still

Do you have anything on 4Runners?

Can you do this for California?

Ask @Cody_Carter for AZ.

Available in NV?

any Sienna deals?

Tacoma still available in Austin TX?

Austin area, anything like this still available?

Deals were from April.