New to leasing, some tips definitely appreciated!


You’ll want to know the sales price before rebates and what rebates you qualify for. Money factor and residual are key. Calculator is pretty self explanatory after everything is plugged in.


Hi Gabe, welcome to the forum. It’s great to have new users introduce themselves with some thoughtful questions.

To answer some of your questions:

You will be required to carry insurance depending on the bank/captives minimum liabilities. I am not an insurance agent, but these should be spelled out in your lease contract. It should not differ very much from a financed car.

There is a built in lease calculator on this website. You will see many people linking their own calculations in their posts.

Finally, the most important question of yours: negotiating the BEST selling price is your ultimate goal. What that means is that you MUST do research and do your due diligence to know what kind of discount is great, good, or just plain bad. Also important are: money factors (interest portion of the lease) and what the minimum is for that model, residual value (what the car is worth at the end of the lease according to the bank/captive - keep in mind this number in the real world may be fairly accurate or wildly inflated), and any incentives that apply to you or that particular model.

There is a wealth of information here, so please keep searching and read all the FAQs that are available.


Edmunds is a good place to verify what the money factor is. Often times dealers will mark it up to add profit.

One important note, post whatever offer you receive with all the important details here first before signing. Don’t be the guy that signs then posts “did I get a good deal”.


That’s a great post by @Yinzer as well. But it looks like you’re on the right track, as you’re already looking for pointers as your first post, instead of coming here with a signed deal.


Gabe you should post what your budget is. We have a few Toyota brokers on here that will provide really good deals imo. 2020 is a redesign so keep that in mind.

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Thank you @Supakimchee @Yinzer for the quick response!

All those things you mentioned are the things I need to learn and all that, I will definitely look into the calculator. My budget is under 50K and of course as anyone else, the better price I get the better it is. In terms of payment, for some reason 350/month and below sounds like a great number for me. But be aware that I am typing this without the actual knowledge.

Thank you again for the warm welcome and I will be looking into this more and more. Interesting video btw on lease hacking by VinWiki.

One more question:

  • Is it better to lease with the dealer or with a bank or credit union of your choice?

You’re welcome.

It would be best through the finance arm or bank that the manufacturer uses.

Check this thread for Toyota leases: December TOYOTA 2020 Tundra Crew $227/mo $45k MSRP Highlander xle $339 2020 Taco sr5 $199 $37k NATIONWIDE SHIPPING!


I’ll suggest (as homework) @gabrod ::

Search for recent RDX deals, find one with a deal sheet and calculator link, and see what numbers go where. You can’t get someone else’s deal but use theirs to understand how yours will work.

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Thank you @jeisensc I have been looking at those, I just have to familiarize myself.

A few more questions. I know I can find them online but I rather more concrete answer from here, I really like this place :slightly_smiling_face:

  • What maintenance do they cover? I have a heavy foot when braking, so this is something important to know for me :slight_smile:
  • Any modifications allowed?

Thank you again.

Depends on manufacturer. If you ride brakes, consider leasing for shorter terms like 24 months

Generally as long as you return them to stock at disposition, yes. But you should confirm.

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Toyota has 2 years free maintenance but doesn’t cover brakes.

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thank you @jeisensc and @Yinzer again!

Sorry about my question being to broad, what I meant to say for maintenance, besides oil change, do they take care if any part of the car breaks down? Transmission, muffler, alternator, things of the sort.

I know that most likely tires are going to be my responsibilities. TIA!

Whether it’s a lease or buy, the manufacturers warranty is the same.


Awesome. Thank you again, let me start learning!

Hi - I am interested in leasing in Myrtle Beach SC. My husband is looking at a Dodge Ram and although they are advertising “awesome” lease deals - when you get to the dealership they are not even close to that price. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Arm yourself with knowledge. Start here with these articles:

Then do some model research on the car you are looking to lease.

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Thank you for your response. I will read the articles!

You’re welcome. The forum members can be much more helpful once you have specific lease issues on a particular make and model. In the meantime, learn and enjoy!

Tina, before you guys sign anything, you can check with us here. The info we need to fully evaluate a deal:

Make/model and trim
Selling price BEFORE incentives
Monthly term and mileage limits
Residual value
Money factor
Any incentives the dealer is applying to the deal
Breakdown of drive offs (first month, doc fee, dmv/tags, and acquisition fees)
Security deposits (probably don’t apply to a Ram)

The residual value and money factor is easily available through Edmunds (you just have to register there and ask for those numbers).

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They are awesome- for the dealership. Those sales people have bills to pay!