New To Leasing, looking for M3 or Hellcat



Hello everyone I am new to leasing. I plan to lease my first car in about 4-6 months. Stuck between too completely different types of cars. 1 is a bmw m3 and my second option is a charger hellcat. What do I need to know?


do you like straight line speed (hellcat) or overall performance(m3)?

do your research and come back in 4-6 months when you’re ready as deals change monthly


You need to do way more research within this forum, then get quotes with what you’ve learned. See you back in 4-6 months!


If you’re wanting an M3, you better close at the months end. I believe lease supports ends this month


A good start is reading these blog posts here…


have you driven both? the charger handles well for a 4500 lb rwd car, on top of that the hellcats straight line acceleration competes with ferraris and lamborghinis while the m3 gets run down by ss camaros and mustang gt’s, Its a great track car and the cs if you can handle the stiff suspension as a dd is a great budget track vehicle that doubles as a dd. Bmw has the better luxury features. I think that they really should be categorized as muscle car vs sports sedan. There are other things to think about as well, an m3 will not be able to seat above average height adults in the back unless the driver and front passenger are short, the charger is more in line with the m5/e63 in terms of front and rear legroom, its comparing apples to oranges, I would definitely start figuring out what works best for you because you aren’t going to be able to test drive a new charger hellcat, and bmw isn’t so easy to let people test drive their M cars unless you can find a demo car. Maybe start test driving used cars on lots in your area to get a better idea.


I’ve only driven a friends hellcat. The power is insane


I like a little of both. I prefer more power but the body of a m3 is just beautiful


I agree haha, 707 Wasn’t enough for me, had to crank it up to 850. Stock tires are garbage, easy $1-$2k on new rims and tires.


Tires I’m well aware of I’m mentally prepared for that. I just see a lot of good lease deals and think I should try for one after I move into my new home


always smart after your loan stuff is done and you are settled, keep in mind the 3 series will be refreshed for 2019, I think new m3 will be 2020 so just something to think about. Gas is like 10 mpg with the hc and insurance can be pricey, might have to shop quotes, im sure both cars insurance rates are roughly the same but the m3 will do better as a 3L 6 cylinder vs the 6.2L V8


The 3 Series is redesigned for 2019, not refresh. Refresh’s are usually small changes, like what MB did with the C Class for 2019 or Audi with the A4 this year.

The new M3 will not be out by September and will have terrible programs when it first comes out, whenever that is.

I’m extremely interested in the new M340 and M3 and think I might try to get one as my next car if I can make the numbers work.


I garauntee you neither got good rims or good tires for a hell at if you spent from 1k to 2k…

Unless you bought wheels second hand and someone ran you a good deal. Or a clearance sale.


not familiar with the 3 series platform but I did know that they changed up a lot of stuff, even a refresh can change headlights, tail lamps, etc. but yeah you would know better than me about the redesign so you would be correct. Also didnt know if the M car was gonna be dropped as a 2020 model or not.


factory replica wider wheels for the back and new tires as well for the back only, but please do tell me why I should spend money on new rims and tires on the front when I take this car to the strip a few times a year in the summer, based on a rwd platform.


Because you get what you pay for. Especially when you push a car to its limits.


why buy wider wheels for the front? makes no sense. New tires for the front maybe $600-$700.
Drag radials for the back or street performance tires are maybe $300-$400 a piece so $600-$800 and then the factory replica wheels were like $220 a pop for 20 x 10.5, so explain to me where my pricing is off? 4 rims = $880 and 4 tires at most are $1500 which is what $2400? Are you a drag strip expert now? why dont you go over to hellcat forums and start arguing over there, I’m using a common setup on there and it cost me $1500 without the front tires.