New to leasing. Is this a good deal for BMW iX xDrive50 (MSRP: $102.7K)?

Hi folks. I’m new to leasing a car (I’ve only previously owned / financed via loan). I’m looking to lease an iX xDrive50 and have gotten one of the dealers down to the following deal so far:

MSRP: $102,760
Sales price: $91,200
36 month lease
7.5K miles / year

$1,013 / month with $3K down
$983 / month with $4K down

(Includes $9,900 lease credit)

Is this a decent deal?

I played around with the calculator (based on some numbers a broker had given me and based on the negotiated deal for the same model that’s on Leasehackr with a slightly lower MSRP) and went back to the dealer, telling him I thought he should be able to do $930 / month with $3,500 down. Still waiting to hear back.


Thanks so much!

Without knowing your tax rate and reg it’s hard to gauge.

@IAC I’m based in Southern California so tax rate is ~10%. The monthly payments quoted are pre-tax. Registration fee listed on the quote is $594. Thanks!

Since the 12k “discount” includes 10k in bmw incentives then it is not a good deal.

I think he just means that it’s included, as in he got the rebate, if this didn’t have discount on top of that rebate it would be a LOT more.

Yup, I received the rebate / credit.

I’ve actually got another offer that I’d be interested for perspectives on:

MSRP: $104,850
Applied 7.87% dealer discount + $9,900 lease credit
$4K due at signing
36 months / 7.5K miles

$997 / month + tax = $1,093 incl. tax

Based on what else I’ve seen, believe this is a pretty good deal?

I’ll do 8% off with buy rate money factor and ship it to your house for free if you want one of the ones I have coming in

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I’d be interested. Best way to connect?

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I can do 10% off from a Norcal dealership with base MF (and that’s before rebates!).

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Stop it. I already have a hacked EQS and etron GT. I don’t need temptation to hack an IX!!


Did you see these crazy California discounts? 8% on an X7?

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Sure you don’t.

But when you do, We can help and guaranteed have the most personal experience living with one for reference or any questions.

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Mind sharing your etron GT numbers? I’m aiming for a super aggressive deal. Dealership has a lot of them sitting

I do not have the GT, but the Q8. $920 / month with rim and tire protection. Premium plus. 36k miles / 3 years

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