New to leasing and looking into Audi


Hello. First time leaser, but my wife has had a few. I currently have a purchased 2017 VW touareg wolfsburg that I’m trying to get out of. It has been at a local dealer for 53 days now due to a sunroof leak issue. Due to this, VW would not buy it back, but offered me an incentive of 10% of the msrp of a new VW or Audi to use as down payment, I just need to trade the touareg in at a VW or Audi dealer. According to the letter, I’m still eligible for any other loyalty/conquest/whatever too.

I would love an e-tron, but I’m not sure if they’re budging much on price. I don’t drive a ton, under 10k/yr, so i’m looking for any lease deals on SQ5’s, Q7’s, Q8’s or e-trons because I still want something that can tow 3500lbs.

Any information any one has would be super helpful.

That’s for an SQ5.

And 10% isn’t a whole ton off, you should fall for that. I got like 13 percent off my SQ5 with no loyalty. So I would even be seeking lemon law, you might need to get a lawyer or submit the formal letter letting them know you seeking it. Then talk.

You need a good lemon law attorney

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The thing is that I’m past the 2 years/18,000 miles here in NY, not by much, but enough that no one will do anything for me.
The offer they gave me of 10% off is on top of whatever deal I can negotiate.

The first recorded instance happened before or after the lemon law window expired?

If you own the car, simply trading it in for a 10% value on a lease doesn’t seem like a good trade to me. Have you been in a loaner for those 53 days?

the first instance of the issue it’s been in for happened after.
it had a few other quirks before the 2 years, but i’m not sure that counts.

The 10% would be the msrp of the car, not the lease, so basically if a car listed for 50,000, it would be 5,000 down no matter what deal is negotiated.
I have been in a loaner for all 53 days. First was a hammered Nissan Sentra for 5 weeks and a meh Passat for the last 2 and a half weeks.

How are you going to offload the touareg, sounds like you’ll have to dump it carvana vroom etc or try trading it at a dealer that doesn’t know it’s broken on a nice dry day. The 10% offer sounds pretty good as long as you can ditch the trade without taking a bath

Yea good question. Are they just taking the car off your hands no questions asked with a 10% floating equity credit towards a new car or could you be on the hook if the trade value is lower?

He said they aren’t buying it back, he’s on the hook. It’s a straight 10% off msrp

VW is fixing it and claims it should be ready soon, so I wouldn’t be trading in a car that is broken.

You’re brave to go back to VW after your experience. At least with leasing you don’t have to worry about it as much.

Oh well in that case you’re golden, how much do you owe on it?

Well I wouldn’t mention the 10% off from Audi until after you get the price down 13-15%. Cause if you do it before they just play games and include it.

Cause in your post you said 10% off MSRP. Id make sure so you don’t double screw yourself.

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Not many dealers upstate, but around NYC/NJ is where all the competition is at

Yeah, I’m still not set on it, but if a good deal could be had. I’ve had VWs for 17 years straight and still own 2, so I was hoping for a bit more being a longtime owner.

I’m not against taking a trip downstate for a good deal. NJ is only a 2 hour highway trip.

To be quite frank, if the only issue here is a sunroof leak, I think you are much better off financing a Q8 or E-Tron if that’s what you really want. If you can sell your touareg for around 30k if not more, negotiate 10% off a Q8, and receive an additional 10% from VW, you’ll have a really reasonable monthly. The MF on these is atrocious and the incentives are weak.

Gregg my wife had same problem yesterday… Tiguan went in for recall to fix sunroof…it rained after we got it back and water soaked everything. taking them two weeks just to get car in shop. I’m furious and corporate won’t do anything. I’ll be furious if it’s in there for that long