New to LeaseHackr and looking for some guidance on a 2018 CPO BMW X5 XDrive35i

MSRP is $63,995 and I am assuming 10% discount, $57595.50

2018 BMW executive loaners may be leased if under 5,000 miles. These are not CPO’d since they have never been sold. BMW FS treats these as new, qualifying for incentives. You should be looking for a discount @ 20% on executive loaners, which generally makes the lease option attractive.

I doubt that’s the MSRP. I don’t think you can build a 2018 X5 xdrive35i with M-Sport package for that price.

That’s the asking price on their website. I think you have just assumed that’s the MSRP.

When I called them and asked MSRP they said that is the dollar amount. Though the salesman was very rude and wanted to know why I was “asking so many questions” and that it would be “better if I just came in to work a deal.”

I honestly hate dealing with car stealerships. I’ve had nothing but terrible experiences with them. My lack of time and patience makes me an easy target. After hours of them working me over I just sign whatever and walk out. Then, days later, I feel like crap because I see I got a terrible deal.

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Takes 2 minutes to look up MSRP $68,440 for this X5. IF salesman not willing to spend 2 minutes to inform you, either look fore new sales rep or dealer.

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Don’t speak to sales people. You want the internet sales manager. They will work with you over email, and respect your time. Often they don’t make “commission” based sales either, they get a flat rate for every unit moved via online means.

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Listed MSRP on that X5 is $69,435- just click on the “Packages on this Car” to see it.

The Dealer is taking roughly 8% off. Doubt you can get a good deal if that is the purchase price because that is barely under invoice. In many markets you can get a new one at that price without the milage adjustment to the residual.

Look it up here. It’ll list msrp, vin, options, etc

How strong is this rule for new model years? I’ve been looking at the 2018 X3 and see a bunch of dealers within driving distance with them, but they are all only marked down 2-4%, or the MSRP is marked up to make it look better. But I’ve also been watching them and know they aren’t moving.

2018 X3 is pretty new still, so I doubt dealers would need to discount to 20% off on loaners.

Look for dealers which list their service loaners. Example:
19% off MSRP :

or :

That isn’t true of all of them.

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But it’s a better strategy than what the OP (and many people) have been doing.

I’d agree with that, and have gone this route. To say they all respect your time, however, is a little misleading. I’ve had sales mgrs pass me back to salesman, ignore me or wouldn’t talk to me unless I called/set foot in the door. Granted, I’ve also had some up front, no bullshit sales mgrs too.

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Internet Sales Managers are different from General Sales Managers. They’re used to working over email, and sorry I didn’t specify that not EVERY single one of them in the world will respect your time. I spoke in general terms, and generally, the Internet Sales Manager will do as I stated.

I’m aware of the differences between ISM and GSM. I also, in my experience, have found this to be 50/50.

The search continues. If anyone has suggestions, leads, or people who they can recommend in the Pacific Northwest I would appreciate it. I am willing to travel to get the right car for a proper price.

Search or carjojo for 2018 X5’s at BMW dealerships with <5,000 miles.

Use email to get details and negotiate