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Shopping around for a new lease and it turns out the dealer that I got my current lease from has the best deal for me. If I go with them do they still have to check my credit score (have a feeling they have to) and therefore do a hard pull?
Reason I’m asking is that dealer tells me that base on my credit profile in their system my rates should be great but unfortunately my credit went down from Tier 1 to Tier 2 this year and a little concerned about the MF. I have been leasing with AFS since 2011 and never missed a payment once. Not sure if that’s even a factor.

Thank you for all you hackers do here! I learned a ton!

Yes your credit will have to be run to be approved for the new lease. I wouldn’t worry too much since your history alone should get you tier 1 with AFS.

Sounds good… just for my own FYI, does the dealer have any input on the current MF or AFS sets that?
If so, what are the main factors does AFS look at? ie: payment history with AFS, income and current
employment duration.

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What is your current 3-Bureau credit score?

The bank sets the base MF and dealers are allowed to mark it up.


T - 690
E - 700
EQ - 680

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Look into FICO Auto Score. It’s calculated differently than general FICO score and is based on trends. What AFS will pull is going to be different than what you are seeing, but the fact that you’ve been their customer for 10 years and your credit seems to be still decent should clear you.

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Ask the dealer what MF they will be using for Tier 1 and Tier 2. Then you can build your deal in the calculator if you haven’t already and see exactly how much that will affect your payment.

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Got it… Does your score get pulled 2x (dealer and AFS) or just once?

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When I leased my last Audi (late 2017) my credit was pulled twice, first by the dealer then by AFS a few days later. As mentioned your Auto FICO is what’s used.

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Will do… that would work, Many thanks!

No one cares if your credit gets pulled three hundred million times while you’re car shopping, not even your FICO scores.

How does auto FICO differ from other FICO scores?

The Auto-Enhanced FICO scores go up to 900 (vs. 850 for many other models) and weigh car loan/installment loan history more heavily than, say, a general-purpose FICO 8.

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